For our prompt of “Ocean” today, I chose to make a little sketch of a butterfly fish swimming through some coral. I have to admit that the idea for this fish came to be because I’ve been playing the game Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s been a wonderful way to kill some time in quarantine and it’s just a super cute, fun, and relaxing game. Your character acquires many different fish that can then be donated to a museum during the game. This month marked the addition of some new fish and one was a butterfly fish, which looked really pretty. I just glanced at several references online for the fish and then made up some coral to accompany it. It was super quick and really fun to DO! After trying much more complex drawings in previous months, I’m trying more fast and loose versions now. It’s a bit of a game in itself as I try to see if I can remember how to draw something after simply studying it for a little while. When you’re stuck at home all of the time, it’s best to get creative!

Indeed, as much as Philippe and I have fallen into our new stay-at-home routine, it’s still super surreal. Not being able to go out and do anything in the world quickly starts to become a bit of a bore. Today, for example, we should have been attending a show with friends, but everything on our calendar has now been cancelled. So, it’s no surprise that the sudden appearance of a butterfly fish in my game would become instantly fascinating. Sure, I’m generally fascinated by just about every little thing in life, so it’s not super hard to keep me entertained. That’s one of the perks of always letting your inner child take control. That said, even though Philippe and I are normally the type to stay home and not at all social butterflies, even we’ve realized how much we’re missing those social interactions. No doubt, once they return, we’ll appreciate them even more in the future.

Tonight, we’re planning on watching the newest Pixar movie that was rushed to Disney’s streaming service. It will also involve popcorn, and our dog Phineas always gets a few bites so we refer to it as “family popcorn night.” His bites are reserved in a tiny bowl and are plain with no salt or butter, which I’m sure would be healthier for Philippe and I as well. But there’s absolutely no way in the world that my inner child would put up with bland popcorn like that. So, it will be just like the kind that mom and I made when I was growing up instead. I’m not sure yet what Philippe is making for dinner, but I’m quite sure I’m going to giggle at just how stinky healthy it is in order to compensate. It’s nice that he looks out for us like that. And then before heading to bed, I’ll check in on my virtual world in my game and visit my virtual museum full of exotic fish, imagining a moment in the future when I can visit the real thing. But, in the meantime, I’m happy and content with just underwater dreams.

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Butterfly Fish And Coral Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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35 thoughts on “Underwater Dreams

  1. What Happy fish and happy, vibrant colors!!! Love it! Popcorn night…Sunday’s,, wonderful World of Disney, Dad in his recliner, Mom, my sister and I on the couch sharing a giant bowl of popcorn. Sweet, sweet memories.

  2. I have to admit that popcorn needs butter (unless it’s covered in caramel). Now I want some, but having had pizza for dinner I’ll have to pass. Thanks for another great ramble, Charile!

  3. yes fast and lose seems funner and besides we worry less about perfection. I always mess up and love the outcome more when I just paint fast and lose. I really like the texture for the fish.

  4. Beautimus fish. 😉 I am trying to remember if I did any painting sketching yesterday. Probably in the morning. I spent part of my day making face masks for my little family and two women I walk with (distancing apart of course). After I sewed them, then I saw all the easier versions being posted. Oh well, it was kind of fun to revisit my Featherweight sewing maching again. I spent the rest of my day finishing up our Christmas scrapbook that I have been behind on for about 6 years. Felt good to finish it up. Onto the next project!

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