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Unicorn Day – Let’s All Make Dreams Come True!

There’s certainly nothing more magical than a unicorn, especially when you let you inner child come out to play, so I thought we should all celebrate Unicorn Day together. Yes, as if you didn’t already know, of course, April 9th is officially Unicorn Day! Though, nobody seems to know the origin of this celebration day, that hardly matters because, uhm, unicorns!! Okay, so maybe it’s being a kid in the 70’s and 80’s during the first wave of the unicorn craze is partly to blame for my enthusiasm. Seriously, they were everywhere you looked, from t-shirts when I was little to the Trapper Keepers people carried in high school. They made a comeback a couple of years ago as everything retro becomes cool once more. I like that my childhood is still considered retro and hasn’t yet moved to the point of vintage. The same, can thankfully be said for the 50’s and 60’s, which served up other amazing versions of coolness. But, yes, unicorns were certainly a big part of my childhood, so it was fun to make a crazy multi-colored one here today. And, by the way, my unicorn really needs a name, don’t ya think? Let me know what name you’d give this little unicorn in the comments below! 

What I find most magical about unicorns is that they’ve been around since antiquity. Versions of them exist from the moment people first started telling stories. You won’t, however, find them in Greek mythology, but only because they were certain that unicorns did actually exist and relegated them to accounts of natural history instead. I love the idea of a creature so elusive that it can’t quite be confirmed or denied so it must therefore totally exist. The same goes for the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. It’s not just a legend, but a story that’s somehow managed to become legendary. That’s pretty amazing really, so I’m thrilled there’s a Unicorn Day that we can all celebrate together. The term unicorn is also used to describe something that is very desirable but difficult to obtain. I had my own unicorn moment today when I attempted to get Céline Dion tickets. She’s coming to Kansas City in October and well, Philippe was really, really, really wanting to see her. I, of course, wanted to make that happen for him, but getting concert tickets at their face value these days is rather like finding a unicorn. Thankfully, I’m resourceful, so I became a proud member of Team Céline today, her fan club, and managed to get us good seats at the regular price before they actually went on sale.

I love these unicorn moments. The kind I don’t expect to happen, but when they DO, I always feel victorious! Like a knight discovering and then giving a unicorn to a fair maiden. Unicorns were much smaller way back then according to the tapestries that adorn museum walls and could actually fit on a maiden’s lap, roughly the size of a small goat. And yeah, my fair maiden is actually my husband, so the comparison gets a bit odd really, but the idea is rather similar at least. My sincerest wish on this lovely day to celebrate unicorns is that each and everyone one of you out there find your own unicorn moment. It’s the kind of moment that you first set out to find with logic, and then discover that untrodden path. The kind you simply skip down only because it looks intriguing to discover it was actually the correct path after all. It’s the path your inner child choses each and every time. Like my experience finding tickets today. It was a solution so silly and simple that my adult mind couldn’t quite understand it at first. I don’t credit everything I DO to my inner child, but I do have to credit him with nearly all of my most clever epiphanies. Thanks again Little Charlie, and I hope everyone reading this has a perfectly fabulous Unicorn Day!

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Unicorn Day Watercolor Illustration - Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “Unicorn Day – Let’s All Make Dreams Come True!

  1. I had a housemate when I was in grad school who was an avid unicorn collector. To me, whimsy is collecting 5 unicorns or less. She had a couple hundred. It was a bit weird!😁😁 I have three flying pig ornaments. As a very astute friend of mine liked to say, two’s junk, three’s a collection. I also have a collection of black amethyst glass, paperweights, and American Expedition animal mugs (of which, the moose is my favorite.) Books of course, but that doesn’t seem like it should count. Although, as a librarian, I was often asked, how many books do you have in your collection. Wow, did I get off topic there! But, back to your unicorn, I’m thinking Steve.

    1. haha! Love Steve! 😃💕 That’s an awesome name! And you know I equally adore how you go off topic… this is precisely why we’re friends and get along so well! lol I love the idea that three is a collection… even if it’s weird. That’s pure sage wisdom right there!

  2. This is certainly one beautiful unicorn. I love all the colors you used. Congratultations on purchasing tickets. I had the opportunity to see Celine in concert and she was fabulous. You and Philippe will really enjoy it.

    1. Thanks so much, June! 😃💕 Yeah, I saw her once before and it’s a lovely show indeed! Those were tickets from a friend so I had no idea she was such a unicorn when it came to actually getting me own! lol 😊

  3. Hi Charlie, love your unicorn as I do all your art. I’d call her Aurora … check it out. I think the name also describes you xx

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 I hope it sends waves of joy! That’s all I ever hope for! And thanks on the tickets… that’s a crazy process these days. Glad I could my my husband’s dream come true! hehe

  4. Sparkle! I never got the unicorn thing. Maybe because it’s a horse and I’ve never been a horse person.?? I just recently had to paint a small paper mache unicorn head for work, it was painful. Lol! When unicorn experiences happen in Disneyland, they are called Magic Moments. 🙂 Love Magic Moments!

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕Sparkle is a lovely name indeed! Yeah, Philippe doesn’t like horses at all. Every time I paint one and show him he just shrugs and is completely unimpressed. But if I paint a dog, he goes all gaga for it! lol But yeah, we all have to agree that Magic Moments just rock!

  5. Charlie says, “I don’t credit everything I DO to my inner child, but I do have to credit him with nearly all of my most clever epiphanies. Thanks again Little Charlie, and I hope everyone reading this has a perfectly fabulous Unicorn Day!”

    Just plain beautiful! Happy unicorn day to you!!

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