I guess it was odd to doodlewash a sweet bunny during Halloween week, so I figured I’d try something more appropriate. Also, it’s International Bat Week and when I mentioned I “might” doodlewash one while visiting my lovely friends over at Method Two Madness, I was ordered to, “Do it!” 

This little guy is a vampire bat and like the name implies, he likes to feed on the blood of mammals. I have to admit to thinking some bats are cute, but these guys are a little freaky. Add to this the fact that, unlike other bats, they are adept on land and can walk, jump, and even run and you have a complete cocktail of creepy!

When I was growing up, I never really remembered ever seeing a bat outside of a zoo, but I saw them regularly when I moved into my current home. A townhouse, which also happens to sit right next to an historical cemetery to add to the creep factor. I remember remarking, “There’s something wrong with those birds! They’re flying stupid!” only to be corrected and told they were, in fact, bats.

Once, I was driving home with a friend on a blustery fall evening, when the trees on either side of the street suddenly erupted with a thick blanket of flying creatures crossing the road. We had to nearly come to a complete stop and wait for them to pass. “Bats!!” we screamed. Though these likely weren’t bats, just birds flying stupid, but either way it was terrifying.

I used to watch old horror movies as a kid. I was allowed to watch these because, as times changed, these movies had ceased to be scary any longer for adults. Also, since it was the 70’s, nearly all other movies of this genre contained gratuitous nudity.

Dracula was my absolute favorite because of his ability to shapeshift into a flying bat. I think that’s why I ended up choosing this as my stock character for Halloween. Which is dumb if you think about it, because I myself wasn’t able to shapeshift so I was just a dead looking guy in a cape who wears too much makeup.

As with all of my childhood fantasies, I really didn’t think it through very far. I just wanted to turn into a small thing that could fly. So bats were cool. I didn’t think about the fact that I would be dead within two days if I didn’t suck the blood of a neighborhood cat. Because that’s just gross.

So I’ll leave the blood-sucking to this little guy who I’ve named Little Drac. This both pays homage to his historical literary history while updating his vibe to that of a rap star. I’m pretty sure with all those crazy jumping, walking, running moves he’d be an awesome rapper. But if you are planning to attend his concert, just be sure to leave your cat at home first and it probably wouldn’t hurt to wear a turtleneck.

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33 thoughts on “Vampire Bat

  1. They’re curiously cute, aren’t they – even this fellow has a charm about him (great stuff, as always!) I’d never seen a bat out and about until just a couple of weeks ago – a real yay moment in both the sighting, brief though it was, and that it wasn’t a vampire bat, ’cause I wasn’t wearing a turtleneck! 😉

  2. Your post reminds me of the TV show, “Dark Shadows” that I watched as a kid and gave me nightmares. I think I liked your cute bunny better but as far as bats go, yours would win the prize for a real scare in my book! 🎃🎨😳

  3. What a face! I think he’s kind of cute. Looks like a few of the dogs in the neighborhood (OK with skinnier legs…).
    So glad you took up my suggestion! I love to see bats in the city because I know they are eating the mosquitos. (K)

  4. Your vampire bat painting is super cool! But it would be dangerous for him to be a rock star – remember Ozzy Ozbourne once bit off the head of bat during one of his performances. He said that he thought it was a fake and did it before he realized some idiot fan had brought a live bat (I suspect he may have been so stoned, that he didn’t realize until he was told). I always wondered if he had to get rabies shots.

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