For our prompt of “Hamburger & Fries” today, I ended up with a cheeseburger and some waffle fries. I only eat burgers of the plant-based variety these days, but they look roughly the same. The real challenge was deciding on which type of fries to illustrate as I have many different favorites. I love the chunkier varieties like steak fries and crinkle-cut fries, which led me to the ultimate in chunky fries. Waffle fries always remind me of fairs and food trucks and being outside with friends. And, after this past pandemic year, being outside with friends is something I treasure now more than ever. Whenever Philippe and I do have a plant-based burger, it’s still usually served with a salad. He’s never really understood the nutritional value of a burger and fries, which I totally get, but that doesn’t stop my inner child from practically screaming for the traditional combo. I tried to explain that a plant-based burger is basically a salad on a bun, but he didn’t seem to be falling for my wide-eyed rationalizations. He never really does. But, that doesn’t stop me from trying.

While dreaming of fries, I was once again struck by the fact that I’m rather easily amused. Truly anything that I’ve enjoyed since childhood will make my heart flutter and cause a bit of excitement. There are lots of wonderful things I’ve discovered as an adult, of course, but when something has been there one’s entire life, it just sort of rises to the top. I feel the same about fluffy animals and pancakes, which really have nothing to do with one another, but that’s just what popped to mind. But, now I’m imagining a fluffy animal eating a big stack of pancakes and my heart just smiled once more. In truth, Philippe is also a kid at heart in many ways, even if he doesn’t let me have my burger with fries. This weekend we both stocked up on fun games to play on the Nintendo Switch as there was a big summer sale.

Of course, he was heartbroken to find a physical version of one game for $2 less after he purchased the digital version. This is a level of frugality that sort of escapes me most of the time, which proves he’s still a bit more grown up than I am. Yet, it’s good to have a lovely balance in a relationship. Our dog Phineas, of course, assumed our enthusiasm came from buying lovely treats for him online. He’s been running to the door each time the mail arrives assuming there simply must be a package there for him. The very idea of a great digital purchase is entirely lost on him. Indeed, much has changed since I was child. Though as technology leaps forward at a breakneck pace, I’m happy for all of the things that have stayed the same. While some things improve out of sheer possibility or actual necessity, I have to appreciate all of the things that were simply perfect from the start, like waffle fries.

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Waffle Fries And Cheeseburger Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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25 thoughts on “Waffle Fries

  1. The digital items are indeed a game-changer in this world of ours. Like so many things, there’s good and bad about it. Which will win out is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, I plan to have me some digital fun!

  2. Those waffle fries would certainly taste good with any kind of burger, Charlie! Funny thing about childhood memories…I can still see my mom standing at the stove making “real” French fries for us when we were kids. And, one good memory usually leads to another.

  3. Hola, Charlie! All fries are good! I don’t discriminate. My mother makes steak fries at home. Sometimes she makes them “silver dollar” shape. It’s all good to me, Charlie. Although, come to think of it, crinkle fries are just so special. 😀😀😀 Today feels like a Friday, but, sadly, it’s only Tuesday. I had chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. It was a kind of celebratory dinner. Great results of eye exam today. A major load off of my mind (no glaucoma). So dinner was GOOD! Does Philippe know what chicken fried steak is? I have a feeling that he would not like it. 😂😂😂 Have a beautiful evening, my friend. I hope things aren’t too hot in your neighborhood. Much love to you. 💜💜💜

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 hehe… yay to fries of all shapes and sizes! My mom used to make steak fries as well, so I think that’s why I still love them. And I’m SO thrilled to hear your eye exam went well (and super jealous of your celebratory dinner… that was my favorite dinner as a kid!!!) Yeah, I had trouble explaining chicken fried steak to Philippe. hehe Much love to you my friend!

  4. Hello Charlie,

    That is such a delicious Doodlewash! Being a vegetarian I pretended that this is a plant-based burger and now am craving one. It’s been over a year since I’ve had burgers and fries coz of how messy things have been here. 🙁 But am clinging to hope that it’s gonna change any day now. And Little Charlie’s image of a fluffy animal eating fluffy pancakes is wonderful! I hope the pancakes have blueberries added to them. 🙂 I look forward to July Charlie, more for your daily posts.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I’ve switched to plant-based burgers entirely now. They’ve come a long way and are delicious!! And yes!! Pancakes and waffles in our house always come with blueberries!! hehe That’s the only way to go. I’m excited for July… it will be fun, and challenging, to do my dailies again! Much love!

  5. Charlie the real boss in your house is Phineas. Julia Cameron mentions sweet potato fries in her latest book “The Listening Path” — ever try those? I bet Phillippe would be at least a little impressed by that concept. They are good fried too in a pan. And salad is good for us, I eat it at least once a day normally.

    1. You’re so correct…. Phineas rules this roost for sure! hehe 😉 And actually, I do like sweet potato fries, but discovered white sweet potatoes which I prefer. The orange kind tastes too sweet to me and the white are less so, with a savory nutty flavor I like. So Philippe’s makes fries out of those.

    2. Hi again Charlie, I consulted two Americans since they live in the US
      about sweet potato and yam. We reverse the terms here for some reason (Canada). Here the orange ones are yams (ewww) and the white ones are sweet potatoes (yum, so good roasted with chicken! And then you add them to tomato veg soup or chicken/turkey soup). Happy eating!

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