For our prompt of “Fireplace” today, I decided on a fast and loose doodlewash of our dog Phineas looking at his Christmas stocking and wondering why Santa isn’t here yet. Though this is indeed my dog and our three little stockings, this isn’t our fireplace because I don’t care for ours. It’s drably modern and so I enjoyed an opportunity to dream up a different one. It’s not our chair, either, but something like this seemed to fit more with the fireplace I imagined. And my dream fireplace would also burn wood instead of gas, like the one I had when I was a kid. That one was all red bricks and I remember that we had the wood in a big pile outside. But we also had a few fake logs on hand in case that stash got too damp. Though the visual feeling is similar with our fireplace, it lacks the smell and the wonderful crackling sound that I remember. Phineas does actually like to lay in front of the fireplace when it gets really cold outside. He’ll also sit on the floor vents when the fireplace isn’t lit. Unlike me, this is not his favorite season, but he does enjoy his gifts when they arrive.

At least, when we remember to get him something. Last year, in our rush, we didn’t get him anything. Being a dog, we figured a few treats would suffice and he wouldn’t notice. He did notice, and was notably irritated with us, even more so than usual. This year, Philippe made sure he had gifts on the way. He’s getting some special new treats to eat as well as a winter sweater, because he loves fashion. I can reveal this as I know that Phineas doesn’t visit my blog unless it’s a post that he’s written himself. As for the other gifts on the way, I was able to wrap several of Philippe’s today. I wanted to get some out of the way so they might look a little nicer. My attention is horrible so if I attempt to wrap all the gifts at once the last few will look like they’ve already been opened. Some gifts are quite small so I saved some time there. Others are also small, but their shape and size would reveal what they are, like books and games. For those, I might dig out a gift bag which will make everything go much faster anyway.

Phineas just has a little stocking that says, “Woof” on the top. It’s the one shown in the middle. His stocking is the most luxurious and looks much more expensive compared to the knitted ones that Philippe and I have. I’m sure he thinks this is exactly how things should be around this house. Often Phineas is a solitary dog, but when winter comes he will actually request cuddles. Usually this means pawing at Philippe while he’s sitting at the kitchen counter watching one of his shows. Last night, I heard a loud screaming and it was Philippe hobbling around the kitchen. Apparently, Phineas had fallen asleep on him and Philippe’s leg lost all of its blood circulation in the process. But, I have to admit it’s cute when our fussy dog gets cuddly even when he gets too relaxed and starts to feel like a sack of potatoes. And in his own way, I do think that Phineas enjoys the season. I often catch him just staring at the lights on the tree, which could mean he’s in the spirit of season or just really wants to pee on it. Either way, I hope he has fun this year and doesn’t mind just a few more days of waiting for Santa.

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Dog In Front Of FIreplace Christmas Stockings Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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28 thoughts on “Waiting For Santa

  1. This is fabulous Charlie! I got my carved santas and Christmas cards put up around our fireplace. I am just about done with the gift buying. My husband will do the wrapping tomorrow. First trip to the grocery store today and I’ll go back Monday for the last minute items. We are just about ready for the arrival of the family on Christmas. My studio (the family room) needs to be cleared of some of my art stuff to make room as that is where the tree is. Enjoy your weekend Charlie!

  2. What a dreamer you are, Charlie, and what fun for me to get to share your dreams of the season as well as the cold hard truth. Phineas is a gifted dog no matter how you choose to interpret that description. As for me, gift bags are nearly always the way to go. I do actually wrap presents for the grands because they’re kids, but everyone else gets a gift bag. Best modern invention since, well, you know. Have fun with all the last minute prep. Savor those cuddles with the sour puss with the tail – he’s showing you his true heart at this time of year. Kinda like the Grinch, only better.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 hehe Yeah, gift bags are great! I got one today for Philippe’s last present, but he almost didn’t let me as he baulked at the price! lol I said… it’s your present, so pick out the one you want. He picked the cheapest, so it’s perfect! And Phineas is a doll… he’s filled with so much personality and that makes him so fun to live with!

  3. It is lovely hearing of your Christmas and the fire. Poor Phineas so neglected last year! I hope my dogs do not hear of his Christmas gift bonaza this year. Delightful fireplace in your painting.
    . I have always dreamed of having a winter Christmas.

  4. That’s pretty cute. I too hate wrapping gifts. I have a huge v collection of gift bags and tissue paper that I put to good use. Or for Joe, since he knew what I was getting him, I just let him open the Amazon box. Lol! This probably makes me. a horrible person, but I hate wrapping.

  5. Aww, that looks so perfectly cosy! As for Philippe’s hobbling, I know the feeling (or lack of)! My cat Oscar would sit on my lap all evening pretty much, and the same thing would happen. But it was totally worth it.

  6. Warm and funny and brilliant…

    I’ve read it twice and joy bubbles inside me.

    The whole piece, painting and story are instant classics.
    They bring Christmas to us all, like nothing else I’ve read
    this season.

    I will read it again and again each time my batteries need
    recharged this season. When I am asked why I am so glowy
    I’ll just say “Phineas was here.”

    Keep on DOing, Charlie. Santa will soon be making his world
    tour…I know, ’cause Charlie says.

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