Two Mice Under Mushroom Hiding From Rain Storm Watercolor Painting Illustration

Waiting For The Storm To Pass

Our prompt of “Storm” today, was timely as there was quite a thunderstorm raging this morning when I woke up. It was actually nice to have an excuse to stay in bed a bit longer. Then I thought about what other creatures might be doing, and ended up with a sketch of a couple of field mice taking shelter from the rain under a mushroom. I actually like thunderstorms, assuming they’re all bark and not bite. The sound of thunder booming and the crackle of lightning in the sky is quite a dramatic show. Though, yes, I’d rather be safe indoors instead of taking refuge under a mushroom. I wouldn’t actually fit under one unless it was terrifyingly large, of course. But this morning, I just laid in bed and listened to the show outside. And, I do hope any field mice caught out in the storm found a suitable place to hide. After a few hours it was all over and the sun returned as though nothing had happened. So, I finally had to get out of bed.

As a kid, I always loved thunderstorms. While some kids were bummed that they couldn’t play outside, I was rather happy to be stuck indoors. This meant I could read or finish some craft project I’d started and never finished. I did like to play outside, but playing inside was where I could really exercise my brain and creativity. That has always been the most fun for me! If there was a creative project that truly excited me, I would often be indoors for hours to the point my mother would suggest I go outside and play. But, I was playing, in my own way and I was having a blast! She meant that I shouldn’t be such a creepy hermit and go play with other children, but I was happy doing what I was doing. This is still very much the case. I’ll lose hours in my own little creative world and have to be called back to reality at times. Indeed, it’s always good to have a nice balance when it comes to things in life.

And now that the sun is shining brightly again here, I sort of miss the rain. It was a lovely morning indeed. Our dog Phineas was not at all happy that the sun wasn’t out when we ate his breakfast this morning. Afterwards, he immediately ran upstairs and crawled under the bedcovers and hid. He was soon snoring and fast asleep and he didn’t wake up again until the sun started to shine. It was like he’d gone on strike and wouldn’t return until the negotiations had all been settled. He got his way, and was soon happily outside and sitting in the heat. That was the other nice part of the storm. Directly after, when the clouds were still in the sky, it was nice and cool outside. The second the sun returned, however, it scorched its way back with a vengeance. I’m rather looking forward to the next morning rain, though, especially if it happens on the weekend. Sometimes, there’s really nothing better than waiting for the storm to pass.

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Two Mice Under Mushroom Hiding From Rain Storm Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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34 thoughts on “Waiting For The Storm To Pass

  1. As much as I hate to see the sun go, I’m hoping we have some storms here soon – heavy rain, no wind, please. We’ve got wildfires and the rain is much needed. We’re nowhere as bad as some States, but bad enough.

  2. Hey Charlie! That sounds all cuddly listening to a thunderstorm. And I feel more normal now as I was like you too. I would rather be in my world of pretend than out playing with other kids. Drove my mother mad as she desperately tried to push friends on me not to mention embroidery and such. I am sure she can see from her cloud that I had that writer/artist seed in me only we didn’t have those words for it at that time, and had to grow into those. And yes I am have friends. And still refuse to do anythign with needles, thread,yarn, etc etc etc. Funny thing about people who enjoy their alone time — we can handle things like this distancing and isolation and be at peace. I love your little stories.

  3. Um, you ate Phineas’ breakfast?? How was it? No wonder he wasn’t happy. Teehee, I couldn’t resist. This is a darling sketch. The mice are so cute. I am not a fan of thunderstorms. I don’t like the noise, makes me jump. Luckily we live where we don’t get them very often!

  4. Adorable Charlie! It has beeb a rainy day here too. It cleared long enough for us to drive a few towns away, load my art into my husband’s car, come back to our two, walk back and forth to a restaurant for a light early supper and get home. It is now thundering. We really need the rain as we are in a drought. The rumblings aren’t close by. Nice to relax. Hope the rest of your evening goes well!

  5. I love your color combination on the snail. Of course, I love purple and anything remotely close. So beautiful, Charlie. 💜 I, too, love thunderstorms. I love dark, cloudy, stormy days. I love to be inside and hear the sounds of the storm. Nothing scary, of course. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I have been waiting for the storm to be over for the past 7 years. My “mushroom” is the Lord and my faith in Him. The worst has passed and He always reminds me that the dawning of a new day has begun. Storms are like that. Dark, scary things followed by a beautiful clear sky and a wonderful rainbow. I do still love thunderstorms, though. 😁 They bring beautiful flowers and pretty green grass. Monster hated rain, wet patas (paws), and BATHS! Stinky Joe was one of his nicknames. haha
    Forgot to mention: Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy is a comedian. He’s pretty funny. YouTube has short vignettes of his act; like 5 minute sections. I hope you get the chance to look him up for a good laugh. 😂😂😂

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, the calm after the storm is always the best indeed! Phineas hates the rain… doesn’t want to even walk on wet pavement! hehe I’ll have to look Gabriel up… sounds fun!

    2. What a beautiful vignette! Glorious detail and color Charlie, I think you may have enjoyed this one! I especially love little mice stories. My mom told me little mice lived in my ears, so I wouldn’t get water in their house or my ears in the bath. (This explains so much! 🤦‍♀️😁😆)

  6. We had a dry day here. We could really use some rain. I had to water yet again.

    I love your typo in the 2nd line of the third paragraph. Heehee!

    I’m pretty sure I heard a mouse this morning. It came from under the stove! Not the smartest place to hide, considering the cats who live here.

  7. Hello Charlie,

    Today’s Doodlewash would’ve made Beatrix Potter smile! I can’t decide on which part of the sketch I loved best. Thank you very much for making so many drops of water. I could really study them nicely. Thanks a ton also for sharing that you liked being indoors with your books and art supplies more than playing with other kids. I was (still am) like that and most people went out of their way in trying to convince me that it was wrong. Not that I took any of them seriously. But thanks for that.. it’s very reassuring. 🙂


    1. Aww thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 What a lovely compliment. I adore Beatrix Potter! The water was a bit of an experiment… glad you liked it. Yeah, I think everyone expects everyone to be like them. It’s tough for an extrovert to understand the joy of alone time I think. But it’s a wonderful time indeed! 😉

  8. Wonderful post, Charlie. What could be cuter than two mice taking refuge under a mushroom. Rain during the night here but unfortunately there was nothing cooling about it……85° at 6:30. a.m.and with humidity we have a “feels like” temperature of 100° plus. I think it’s going to be an indoor day today.

  9. Wow, Charlie. Your artwork is really developing in a wonderful way! The latest sketches/posts sent out via your newsletter were wonderful, and this one completely captured my attention. I really liked the “princess and the pea” artwork but the expression on this mouse’s face is so well done in this illustration that I couldn’t help but comment. I seriously think you need to consider a new career as a children’s book illustrator. Move over, Beatrix Potter. 😉 Cheers & hope all is well with you!
    P.S. I love rainstorms & snowstorms (as long as we still have power – eeek!), however my favorite place to be in all the world is outdoors. I’m very thankful to be one of those people who can be content with either one, and as long as my outdoors is the woods and not a suburban or city lot, I’ll be a happy camper — literally! haha!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Tonya! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying these. It’s been my goal from the start, but I was just practicing elements for 5 years… hehe… just got around to putting it all together. Hoping to write and illustrate a book soon! 😉 haha! I agree! I love the outdoors that are unpopulated most!

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