For our prompt of “Chimney” today, I made a little doodle of a mouse waiting for Santa to arrive. There’s no snow where I live today, but it’s crazy cold so there really should be by now. Instead, the sky is quite clear, which means Santa should be rather easy to spot when he arrives just after midnight. Philippe and I exchange gifts tonight and I’m thrilled! I’ve got lots of silly surprises in store for him and I can’t wait to see what he’s come up with for me. This is most definitely my favorite night of the year now as an adult. We have a blast! As a kid, the anticipation of waiting for Santa to arrive made it really tough to sleep on Christmas Eve. I knew that I shouldn’t stay awake and watch for those reindeer flying through the night sky, but I really wanted to see them soar by my house, just once! I hope everyone out there has a beautiful evening, filled with heaps of hope and tons of cheer!

As I type this, Philippe is upstairs in a last minute dash of wrapping my gifts. I’ve only heard a couple of things topple to the floor and every so often I hear him make some sort of unintelligible noise. He started out humming Christmas songs, but that appears to have waned a bit now and I just hear the occasional odd grunts. I wrapped the few little gifts I had left for him this morning while he baked a Bûche De Noël, while on a video chat with our friend Aesha so he could help her bake her cake as well. There are so many little bits and pieces that go into our holiday tradition that I’m amazed they all get done in time each year. But, no matter what, at exactly 5pm, we’re opening the champagne and the festivities will begin. We’ll start with the gravlax along with the very first gift of the evening. Candles will be burning and everything will shine even brighter than any other moment this year.

This has certainly been a tough and exceptional year, so this night feels even more special. I’m very thankful for my little family, and know that I’ll be able to see the rest of my family next year now, which fills me with joy. And nothing that can quell my joy for this holiday month! My inner child simply won’t let me feel anything but pure and unfettered bliss! That little boy who dreamed of meeting a reindeer one day is still right here. And, I actually have to admit that I haven’t given up on that particular dream either. I’ve always felt that life is beautiful no matter what happens. I can’t change most things, so I just focus on the things I’d never dare change. The beautiful tiny things that are easy to overlook when any troubles might be looming. But, they’re always there. Glittering around us, each and every day. Then, there are those rare and exceptional nights, when they become impossible to ignore. And, I get to be a kid again like those days long ago when a bit of belief and hope was all I ever needed, as I was happily waiting up for Santa.

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30 thoughts on “Waiting Up For Santa

  1. Merry Christmas Eve!! Your plans sound fun and magical! This little sketch is darling and I can see the anticipation in his eye! Normally we would be at my in-laws tonight, bored out of our minds. So I am actually looking forward to being at home where we can choose what we want to do! I’m going to try my hardest to get my son to play some games. If not, I will be happily sketching and watching It’s A Wonderful Life!

    1. Linda, I don’t know if we will ever chat again, but I enjoyed talking with you. You always made me laugh! Keep praying for me. I am hopeful that this will be a turn around year for me. If you ever come to San Antonio, look me up. 🐻🐼 I don’t use social media, Linda. I will try to find your website/blog. May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe. Tu amiga, Marisela

      1. Marisela, There is a message place on this, just msg there and I will find it — I finally did. I don’t have blog or website, just FB page. I haven’t disappeared though. Thanks for the invitation although I don’t travel. I hope you had a great Christmas. We did last evening and today I spent the day mostly on my reading chair dozing and then doing my weights and yoga, and bugging people on the phone. Now I am off to fry up a can of Wild Red Pacific salmon (Cloverleaf) with sweet onion, and rice, since the stupid thing won’t solidify into a patty. Man is that good. Have a splendid 2021 and work on those dreams (if a thing doesn’t happen, create it). Cheers!

  2. Yay, Charlie! Your evening sounds wonderful! I hope it exceeds your expectations! And never give up on your dream of meeting a reindeer. You never know what the future holds! Felicidades!!🎉🎉🎉

  3. Beautiful Charlie! I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas eve and that it was everything you wished for! Enjoy playing your games and relaxing today! We will be getting your cold weather tonight after today’s heavy rain and warm temperatures. Merry Christmas Charlie!

  4. Hello Charlie,

    I love today’s Doodlewash! Your post held such similar memories to my childhood. I never looked out for the reindeer but would always fall asleep waiting (with a big plate of cookies and milk) to meet Sanat himself! He still manages to visit and leave bits of his magic soundlessly. Its already Christmas here so wish you, Phillipe and Phineas – indeed everyone on this page – a very Merry Glittering Sparkling Magical Christmas!! I feel like sending you a hug Charlie, so have sent you one. 🙂

    Lots of love,

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