Two Baby Elephants Love Watercolor Illustration

Walking Together

For our prompt of “Elephant” today, I sketched a couple of young elephants going for a walk together. I couldn’t quite decide whether to have them walking at sunrise or sunset, so I sort of split the difference! I love talking little walks to clear my mind, but walking with a special someone makes me adore the experience even more! Of course, that means my husband Philippe and our pup Elliott most of the time. But, I have vivid memories of beautiful walks with close friends as well. This assumes that we’re actually present and not using our phones at the time. That kind of a walk is entirely forgettable, and barely remembered while it’s even happening. No, these are those rare, old-fashioned walks we always used to take when we didn’t have a little robot in our pocket to provide a constant stream of interruptions. A moment spent with friends or family where I’m truly connecting, without those pesky distractions, is a moment that I always treasure. When I think about all of the moments from my past, they are often the clearest parts of my memory.

One of my favorite memories of walking with someone involves not a singular occasion, but a series of walks with my grandmother. I remember joining her for her daily chores during the summer months and walking and learning about everything from gardening to animals. It was so amazing to join her during that time. I’m a rubbish gardener to this day and can’t milk a goat properly, but that’s not really her fault. I didn’t ask the right questions. I just wanted to watch her do those amazing things and wasn’t interested in actually doing them myself. I simply loved being part of her world, without attempting to make it my own. Our conversations would move to all sorts of things on those walks, and I loved every single second of our time together. It was just a normal day filled with things that had to get done, but it felt like something much more. It felt like a day made for us to enjoy together.

Today, I still find that I cherish moments like these, but they seem to happen much less. Life can get so incredibly busy and that list of chores that I have on my list each day isn’t something anyone would want to join me in doing. Though, Philippe and I still can’t really land on who has the responsibility for laundry and neither of us are really stepping up to claim sole ownership of that role. The special moments these days happen in those bits of life in between those looming deadlines. Or, on a good day, a deadline slides a little so I get to enjoy something that simply matters more to me. That long lunch with a friend that runs a bit longer than either of us expected or had planned in advance, makes for one of the best days ever! Sure, some things probably will be rushed or moved to another day. But, I’ve found that those things, whatever they might be, manage to still happen and without any lasting impact, either positive or negative. It’s just life. Yet, when I take that time to be with someone I love, without worrying about those things that don’t, I’m renewed and reminded that there’s really nothing better than walking together.

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Two Baby Elephants Love Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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22 thoughts on “Walking Together

  1. Your elephant friends put a big smile on my face and walking with friends is just the best…as long as the phones are silenced. Plan to meet two friends and spend the morning walking around the Ringling grounds and museum on Thursday and I’ve been excited about it for days and can hardly wait. Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

  2. One of the most memorable walks for me was on my 7th birthday. My grandma came to our house by bus. We were waiting at the bus stop, and her gift for me was a stuffed giraffe that was taller than I was. I was so happy walking home hugging that giraffe. I wish I still had it but several years later, one of the baby lions we raised peed in the box it was in. I lost my stuffed lassie and pokey dogs, too. along with several other stuffed animals. Mom refused to even try saving them. It was a traumatic loss. I still mourn those toys, lol. At least it was a memorable way to lose them!

    1. Hello Ms. Sandra,

      Did I read that right???? You raised baby lions?!?!?!?! Wow wow WOWWWW… it sounds like a very thrilling childhood. What was it like? Am so curious… and a tad jealous.


      1. Mugdha, my father worked at the local zoo when I was a child. Back then they didn’t have nurseries for babies that mothers rejected, so employees would take them home and raise them for three or four months. We raised several lions and tigers. It was definitely a cool thing — I was the envy of the school!

  3. Awesomeness. I used to walk with my grandma too and she would stop at every rock and flower and comment with pleasure. She also taught me how to beat up that bear with that branch. The ursine of course was really a big boulder (to little me anyway) and I really did beat it up.

    Yes I saw two groups of two people and one of each group had a phone going. Makes me shake my head. Yeesh already.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 I love that she taught you how to protect yourself from bears! hehe… that sounds like a wonderful memory. And yeah… I’m still not sure of the point of being with others while on the phone. Seems completely pointless to me, but I’m old that way! 😉

  4. Hola, Charlie! Awww, I love hearing your memories of your grandparents. I didn’t have grandparents, but your memories are so sweet that I wish I had. So lovely, Charlie. 💜💜💜 I love elephants! Such a beautiful painting, my friend.
    Sending you love and hugs!

  5. Cute elephants, Charlie. My wife would have loved that. That’s why I picked elephant as one of my prompts. I went for a lovely walk with all my family on Saturday afternoon. Then all back to mine for a cuppa.

  6. Hello Charlie,

    Those are two very-happy-just-to-be-alive-elephants. And they seem to be walking and holding a silent conversation too… the kind of conversation I enjoy most. I love walking too, specially barefoot on fresh cool grass or in mild rain. But yes, it would be wonderful to have that ‘someone special’ to walk with, holding hands. Fingers crossed!! Sending you an elephant hug my friend!


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Oh, those silent conversations are the best. I have close friends that I have those with as well, though that someone special is always nicest. Fingers crossed! Sending you hugs and love! ❤️

  7. Love those baby elephants, they’re so lovely! They remind me of my tiny stuffed “Phuntan” (that was as close as I could get to “elephant” at 2 years) who was my constant companion till Kindergarten.😄🐘

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