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Warm Winter Drinks

When the weather gets cold and snow begins to fall, there’s nothing better than hiding at home in front of the fireplace, enjoying a lovely warm winter beverage. Here we have some mulled wine, which is one of my favorites, but there are lots of drinks to choose from to keep warm. Hot chocolate is an excellent choice and anything with whiskey is guaranteed to add a little extra burst of warmth as well. I’m probably jumping ahead of myself, as the holidays are still quite a few days off, but I adore the coming season and can’t wait for all the wonderful once-a-year treats that come with it. Eggnog is another drink I look forward to as well. The kind you make at home as the grocery store kind is bizarre and has the consistency of house paint. But mulled wine wins the race for it’s perfectly fabulous blend of all the best holiday ingredients in a single glass.

Halloween is actually the next season up, but without a party to attend or a proper costume, it’s less of an attraction this year. My city neighborhood has no kids in it, so there won’t even be knocks at the front door. At least, I hope that’s still the case, as if anyone did they’d be horribly disappointed at the lack of candy and likely too young for a glass of mulled wine. I kind of miss living in a trick-or-treat neighborhood, though, since it’s fun to see all of the various costumes. It’s really quite adorable to see the littlest kids enjoying it for the first time. Tiny ones, who are still having trouble pronouncing their “r’s”, but with faces that light up with fascination every time they get candy just for showing up. Not sure the lesson we learned there, but I remember it being a fantastic experience and one I looked forward to every year.

These days, I just love a nice warm drink to take the chill off the cool autumn air. The only thing that bothers me about the upcoming season is that the days get so incredibly short. It’s dark when I wake up and sometimes getting dark by the time I leave work. But I guess it’s just a form of human hibernation, not feeling the pull of light to make you feel bad about being lazy. Snuggled up under a blanket, reading a book instead of working on that report that’s due in the morning. Or, finally binge watching something that’s been sitting in the Netflix queue for weeks. It’s the season to slow down a bit and enjoy time doing things that would have seemed wasteful in the summer months. And that’s why I love this time of year. It’s time for slow evenings with people you love most and, best of all, the delicious comfort of warm winter drinks.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle:  Perylene Maroon, Red Orange, Indian Yellow, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Deep. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with sepia ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 23 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Warm Winter Drinks Cocktails Hot Mulled Wine

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45 thoughts on “Warm Winter Drinks

  1. I totally like slowing down and hibernating on dark winter nights, and that mulled wine looks totally perfect for such an evening! Beautiful!

  2. I love you daily musings and paintings. Do you use the Lamy Safari with sepia ink, or a Platinum Carbon pen? I’m not sure from your brief description. Thanks.

  3. So fantastically festive in its warming red glow… we’ve a little while to go yet, mind! Still, let’s hope for a nice dusting of snow befitting your perfect winter setting. I don’t think we’ve had any here for the past two or three years, so Mother Nature owes us big time!

    Hot chocolate is always a winner, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried eggnog – I only know of it because of The Simpsons, so I’m not sure it’s that popular on these shores. ‘House paint’ doesn’t sound incredibly tempting!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃 What? No snow?? hehe… actually there was one season here where we only had to snowfalls and I was traveling both time. It had melted before I got back. But this year…. it’s going to be a very snowy winter I think! hehe Yeah… eggnog is only good if you make it yourself. Stay away from the house paint! Lol

      1. They reckon it’ll be a harsh winter here, too. They guarantee as much every year, but it never seems to happen. To be honest, it’s probably a mercy – we grind to a complete halt over here with even the faintest dusting of snow!

  4. Though its beginnings were a bit weird, I love Halloween, especially when seeing all the kids and sharing the goofy fun with my grands. A treat just for showing up – perfect!

    Hot chocolate for me, or hot tea or apple cider – have never had mulled wine. But your painting makes it appealing. Anise and cinnamon sticks?

  5. I enjoy seeing all the little kiddos trick or treating in our neighborhood – reminds me of all the fun times we had as kids! Maybe I will post an old photo on my blog next week! 🎃 Love your Doodlewash tonight, Charlie! ❤️ I can smell the cinnamon…YUM!! 🍂🍁🍂

  6. Wintertime as you describe feels good though I love spring and summertime much more. The days are longer and there is more light.
    A pity to warm the wine. Good wine is so tastefull from itself so you could understand Charlie, I am already longing for the coming spring though beautifully colored leaves and warm winterdrinks! Despite said all this I say cheers to you and your beautiful watercolor!

  7. I love your painting ! Warm as its own ! wonderful color. I like so much Perylene maroon
    Cold season is compensated those little things like big wool sweater, fireplace in the livingroom, hot chocolate and “grog”, Philipe has certainly talked about (water, rhum, honey or sugar but honey is an organic antibiotic), so good when you get a cold ;)) I don’t know if you have a word for this in US… I don’t like wine (yes, some French people can hate wine, true !) so, no hot and melted wine for me.

    1. Thanks, Laurence! 😃💕 hehe…what? You don’t like wine?? Okay then, you can just send all that French wine you’re not drinking to me! Lol 😉 I love it! But never use a nice French wine for this drink…just something cheap as once warmed it doesn’t really matter anymore! Lol

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