Falling Autumn Fall Leaves Cat Kitten Watercolor Illustration Painting

Watching Autumn Leaves Fall

For our prompt of “Leaves” today, I made a little sketch of a cat watching fall leaves float to the ground. This is my favorite season, and I adore seeing the leaves transform into brilliant colors. It’s a truly mesmerizing sight, made even more brilliant when a breeze comes to send those colors floating through the air. As a kid, I used to love jumping into a pile of leaves, but these days, I just enjoy the view. I always hope autumn lasts forever when it comes, but soon all of the leaves fall and the trees are left bare. Though I love living in a place with four full seasons, even if I get tired of winter a couple of weeks in. And though I adore spring for all of the warmth and joy it brings, fall has always been my favorite. In truth, as a kid, I loved going back to school so this was a special time of year. I did want to see my classmates again, but mostly I enjoyed seeing my teachers and was excited to learn something new. I was called a nerd back then and sometimes it bothered me. Today, I just let my nerd flag fly as I still love learning all that I can!

Today was one of those busy days that always seem to signal the start of the work week. In short, there’s a reason why people talk questionably about Mondays. There was much to do, but no extra time to do all of the things I’d hoped to accomplish. In the end, I figured that’s simply what Tuesdays must be for and let myself off the hook. Indeed, I do have a bit of trouble coming back full force after a lovely weekend. But it’s nothing that several cups of coffee can’t fix. Yet, I was really thinking to myself that I wish I could just take this entire season off work each year to enjoy it properly. I wanted to explore and see all of the trees as they perform their masterful costume change. I want to savor every moment while it lasts. And each day is so short these days that it feels like time is rushing by more quickly than ever. But the evenings are still so lovely this time of year.

Philippe has switched over to fall cooking, which is another of my favorite things. During the summer months we’d have a little snack before dinner, but when I asked him if he wanted a snack first tonight, he said, “no, I just want to eat real food!” This was music to my ears as it signaled all of the culinary wonders ahead. Our dog Phineas just likes food, of course, and is currently begging for treats as I type this. Also, Phineas does enjoy longer walks when it’s not so warm outside, but then gets disgruntled when he can’t sit outside in a nice warm sun. He’s never really feels like he’s truly getting the appropriate amount of the things he enjoys most. Indeed, I feel much the same way so I can’t really fault him. But even if I can’t make days go by slower or this season last forever, I can still sneak in a few minutes whenever I can to enjoy watching autumn leaves fall.

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Falling Autumn Fall Leaves Cat Kitten Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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22 thoughts on “Watching Autumn Leaves Fall

  1. Wonderful kitty enjoying the leaves Charlie! It was a beautiful day here. The deck is taking shape. I got to be in my studio space for a bit this afternoon. Hopefully your Tuesday is less busy then your Monday was.

  2. I always thought that the trouble with Mondays was Fridays. So many people leave things unfinished in their hurry to get home for the weekend (for which I don’t blame them), that there is always extra to take care of on Monday.

  3. Love your painting…and I am so glad I don’t work anymore as Mondays were the worst LOL now I just enjoy most days like its the weekend ..and again although I do like the change of leaves..it also signals end of summer for me which I don’t like…but one day at a time..summer will come again 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Ohhhh to have everyday be a weekend… I can’t wait until I can enjoy those days. Yeah, I’m always happy when summer ends… it’s just warm here. I’ll take the cooler days instead!

  4. Charlie, Yes this is my favourite time of year too, the last bit of lovely just before The Ugly sets in. Even in my Canadian orchard and wine country and four seasons playground, we still get winter although not truly ugly like the rest of the country. The last two winters were comprised of freeze-thaw-freeze.

    The locust trees out front are three with the yellowing ones at the sides and the green one at centre. Its greedy sunblocking bretheren get all the light and grow faster. I could not wait til it grew higher so the bottom branches would cover the house across the road which I did not realize was a drug house. When the tree finally was able to cover that, the City came in and levelled the house. The Fall of the House of Pusher.

  5. Such a sweet kitty, Charlie. We don’t get Fall like you, but I imagine it’s beautiful. I would love to see the leaves change colors and go for walks. Of course, once it got cold, I would run for the hills! haha haha Or run back to South Texas, that is. 😂😂😂 Yeah, I am pretty lame when it comes to cold. 😁😁

  6. Its just beginning here. A branch with colored leaves on a tree that’s still green, sumac all red and orange. Autumn was always my favorite too, but since winter really shuts me down, I’ve changed my allegiance to spring. Still, you can’t beat the colors this time of year. And I made my first pot of chilli yesterday. Yum! Today I made two apple pies. One for us, and one for a neighbor who loves my apple pies. His wife thought she’d freeze it for a couple of weeks because she had just made muffins, but he Said, no, he was pretty sure they’d be baking it right away. Lol!

  7. This Is my favorite time of year! The best part of Fall is we usually travel in these two months but sadly that will wait till next year. The good news is we live in a place we love most in the fall! Not many leaves change color and you may only need a sweater at night, but the light is spectacular, the sunsets and night skies are at their best! Living in a heavily touristed location, we’ve always looked forward to Fall. Quiet towns and beaches are the reward of sharing our busy summers. Now with people working and getting their educations on line, it seems they may stay. This year I will not complain at all if it helps our small businesses. I’m hoping and praying for safer conditions to travel next year. I want to see some beautiful Fall leaves for myself!

    1. Aww that sounds beautiful where you are indeed! 😃💕 Yeah, the lack of travel now is a bummer, but when you’re in a lovely spot it helps! Sometime next year things should start to improve I think. I miss being able to travel and see new places, but I’m happy to have those fall leaves to keep me company in the meantime!

  8. Aww, nice kitty 🙂 I have something of an affinity with Phineas here. I dislike summer heat, but like the sunlight. I find the nights pulling in a bit depressing, but I like cosy winter nights at their longest. Ugh! Just make up your mind, mind!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 haha! I’m the same way. I love the extra light and then wish it would stay… then I love the cosy nights and then get tired of those and cannot wait for spring! lol Aww… the seasons!

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