For our prompt of “Watch” today, I made a little sketch of a mouse checking the time. It really never seems like there’s enough time in the day. No matter how much I think I’ll accomplish, the day is already ending and I’ve failed to do most of what I imagined. Though I don’t tend to stare at a clock and watch the minutes tick by, I do find myself checking in frequently to see how much time I have left in the day. I’m usually quite disappointed. Just when I think I’m getting ahead, I discover I’ve still managed to fall behind. That’s why I adore sketching and coloring. While making this sketch of a clock, I was completely engrossed in my own little world without time. Though I still only have less than an hour each day to sketch, I don’t fret over the minutes or the outcome. I just launch into whatever it is I’m making and enjoy the moment of peaceful imagining. Sure, when I come back to reality, those things I could have been doing instead will still be waiting for me. But, taking time to create is still the most rewarding and productive part of my day.

While I have many things that I really must make happen, most of my deadlines are self-imposed. For example, I really want to illustrate another picture book to publish in the fall, but haven’t quite found the time to even begin. I don’t really stress about it, but it’s something that’s always in the back of my mind. When I tell Philippe all of the things I’d like to accomplish this year, he just smiles at me and looks a touch exhausted at the thought. And though I always have lots of projects going to fill my day, my puppy Elliott always has other plans. He gets bored rather easily, and I can’t fault him as I can certainly relate. I’ll hear a heavy and dramatic sigh coming from him while he’s lying on his little bed. This is his not-so-subtle way of letting me know that just outside the door, an adventure awaits. Indeed, he’s right. Each day, there’s always something new to see and discover. Thanks to Elliott, I’ve now met more people in my neighborhood during the past few weeks than I have in the past few years. And, I’m continuing to learn that the best things in life are the ones that you can’t possibly plan.

When I was a kid, I was always so excited for the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. It wasn’t that I didn’t love school, it was simply a chance to create my own version by inventing my own projects. I would come up with all sorts of new things that I wanted to do during the summer months. Yet, no matter how many plans I made, the actual events ended up transforming into something else entirely. And, it was always super fun! Not much has changed really. I have a long list of things I’d like to try next, but I see each little dream as a new path to follow, not a destination. I’m far less interested in a specific outcome. I just want to travel down each road to see what I can find there. I’m sure if I stay curious and observant, I’ll discover something much more magical than I initially expected. There might not be enough time in the day for what I think I want, but there’s more than enough time to enjoy what I actually need. And that’s where I am today. Still dreaming, but always cherishing every minute and moment of surprise on this journey of life, instead of watching the clock.

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20 thoughts on “Watching The Clock

  1. One of my neighbors has one of those remote-controlled boats, and is running it on the lake. The sun is shining, the sky is blue with gorgeous marshmallows clouds, and I’ve spent far too long just watching instead of getting things done. But I can’t consider it time wasted because I always feel so refreshed after just drifting along with the world rather than thinking or doing. I think that’s something we do too little of in modern life. Whether it’s just watching or painting or meditating – we need to tune out, and tune in to the flow of life.

  2. Adorable painting, Charlie! You perfectly captured that “where did the time go” look. All anyone has to do is pick up a paintbrush and time just disappears…in a good way. .Even if I only have 15 minutes to paint something I can get totally lost in that 15 minutes…the only thing that exists is the brush, paint and paper. Totally therapeutic.

  3. Yes, flow is what it is all about and treasured moments are never ever a waste as we are always learning something. I think everyone moves too fast as well Sandra. I love the thought of each hour, each day, each season being a new adventure and that is how I try to look at it. I try never to ‘plan’ anymore because we all know what happens to plans! It happens to us all ;). So better to wake up like Elliot – I wonder what I will do today, what magical being will I meet, what new fun thing is around the corner and what will I learn. How delightful right?!? Every single thing can be ‘new’ every day, so I try not to watch time like the mouse. But I absolutely love your little mouse checking out the watch :)!!

  4. Elliott the Social Butterfly! 😂😂 My Gordo had more friends than I did. Everyone would ask for him and then, like an afterthought, they’d ask about me. It made me happy that everyone cared about my little boy. I’ve thought about him a lot these past few days. I can only explain it as “me hace falta.” I am lacking him. I guess I miss having someone to love and nurture. No, I’m okay. It’s just conversation.
    Time can be so cruel. I try to not think of it either and not look too far down the path. As the church hymnal says,”un dia a la vez, Dios mio.” This injury has caused me to lose a lot of time and my life. That’s brutally painful, but I trust that God has a plan and I am doing so much better so, until my life turns around, I take it one day at a time. Or try to.
    Yay on your new book! Sending you hugs, my friend. 💜💜💜

    1. Thanks so much, mi amiga! 😃💕 I know you miss your little Gordo, and I hope you allow another little furry friend into your life one day. 😉 You sound like a wonderful pet mama! hehe And you ARE doing so much better, so that’s a wonderful thing indeed! I don’t think we actually “lose” time if we’re spending it with love and hope in our hearts. There’s so much to enjoy in the world that just being present is time well spent. Much love to you my friend!

  5. Hello Charlie,

    I love the mouse and the watch. It reminded me of a little rhyme my mother taught me long ago when she was teaching me how to read a clock. The mouse seems to be humming it. And I agree with Elliott! Everyday really is a new adventure and it’s the best when sometimes in the middle of the chaos, everything suddenly changes and you find yourself with a long evening with nothing to do but walk barefoot on grass. I enjoyed that yesterday and now I want more of it. 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Aww your change in plans sounds divine! I do love the prospect of each new day. It’s almost never what I expected, but if I just let myself go, my Inner Child has a blast with whatever comes his way! Much love to you!!

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