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Hahnemühle Watercolor Giveaway Banner

As you may have seen in earlier posts (here and here), I was sent a lovely watercolor sketchbook to try from Hahnemühle and I’m loving it! So, I was super excited when they agreed to sponsor a giveaway in April so another lucky person could try it as well. Yay!

They’ve offered up a little larger version of the one I’ve been using as a prize (Watercolor Book, 200gsm, 5.77″ x 8.19″, landscape, 30 sheets/60 pages) and I decided to toss in a couple other fabulous things they sent me as well so there are a couple more chances to win (Watercolor Postcards in a metal tin and a Watercolor Postcard Pad).

It’s my birthday on April 13th, and I’m super hoping I get some gifts, but as ever, I love to share and gifts are more fun when others get them as well. So, I’ll be announcing three lucky winners of the giveaway on my birthday so you can celebrate with me!

Just a quick note, and apology, that this particular giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. (those in other countries, however, you have my full permission to buy yourself something awesome you’ve always been wanting on the 13th to celebrate with me… you’re welcome!). I hope to have giveaways open to a few more countries in the future (once I figure out the crazy patchwork of giveaway laws governing multiple countries), but we’re starting here for now! Click here to enter and good luck! 

Hahnemühle Watercolor Book Product Giveaway on Doodlewash

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  1. newstylemode 6 years ago

    Awesome! 🙂

  2. Susan Feniak 6 years ago

    Darn! Being Canadian I can’t enter your give away. Wishing everyone good luck. I might just have to buy myself something on your birthday Charlie!!

    • Author

      Yes please! Do that! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m sorry… I think I have to add a math question and make a French version to even do the sign up. It will take me a bit of time to pull all that together. hehe

  3. Monique 6 years ago

    Hi Charlie..I am Canadian also..but that’s not why I am writing..:)
    My first trip ever to Paris was June 2016..I went to Sennelier..my dream art store..and actually bought that very tin of postcards.♥
    I love the unusual texture..the quality of the paper and the box.
    I also bought by Hahnemuhle..a landscape watercolor book “Le Moulin Du Coq”,fine grain 12 sheets.
    We arrived at almost closing for lunchtime:(Luckily..one of the gentleman (so nice) let us stay for a few more minutes..and I picked up a few things..too few.

    I regret so much not having had more time in that wonderful store..and at not having picked up more products by Hahnemuhle.
    I love them..and they are treasures to me.

    Bonne chance tout le monde.

    • Author

      Yay!! So glad you’re a Hahnemühle fan as well and your story speaks to me. I left the same Paris shops most likely, but in my case, they didn’t have the watercolor books. So I was thrilled when they reached out to me with one. Love it!! (And still working on how to do a giveaway that’s also available in Canada… stay tuned!)

  4. Laura (PA Pict) 6 years ago

    Oooh! A giveaway! How fun and generous of you.

  5. Catnip Blog 6 years ago

    April 13th – NOW I KNOW WHY we have so much in common . . . that’s my brother Rick’s birthday too . . .

    (Thanks for the give-away.)

    • Author

      You’re quite welcome! 😃And yay for Rick! We also share the day with Thomas Jefferson. I used to always get a $2 bill on birthday each year.

  6. Jodi 6 years ago

    Yay! A giveaway – I hope I win!!!! Happy Birthday month coming up charlie o!

    • Author

      Wishing you luck my friend!! 😃 And yay for birthday month!! I’m excited… not sure I’m doing anything spectacular, but will be fun. At least giving art supplies to some of my friends will make it special!!

  7. Laura 6 years ago

    Wow! Thank you for sharing, and I hope this birthday is the best ever!

  8. Peggy Stermer-Cox 6 years ago

    Hi! I’ve been quietly following your blog for awhile; its a wonderful blog! Cool that you’re doing a “give-away” with Hahnemuelle papers! I’m curious about their watercolor journals so, naturally, I entered! Thanks!

  9. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    What a really sweet way of celebrating your birthday, Charlie, by giving gifts to others.

    • Author

      Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 It’s always more fun to celebrate with others! Hoping to do more of these in the future as well.

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