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When I first started, I took several classes on Craftsy that helped me get a head start in my sketching and watercolor skills, and I’m now proud to be a Craftsy Affiliate, so that I can get the inside scoop on the latest deals and promotions for you!! I really can’t recommend this platform enough as it has a beautiful user interface and the instructors (many of whom have been featured here!) are all really wonderful. I get a small commission if you take a Craftsy class through one of my links, so you’ll also be supporting Doodlewash and helping bring more great guest artist features your way! Pretty cool, huh? You can also check this page often as I’ll be updating it with the latest Craftsy deals as I hear about them. Thanks so much for your support and hope you’ll enjoy your next fabulous Craftsy class!


We’ve featured hundreds of amazing artists here on Doodlewash and many share their wonderful skills via online watercolor demonstrations & tutorials. Below is a collection from our featured artists with links to read their Doodlewash guest posts.

Alisha B. Whitman

Read Alisha’s Guest Post

Angela Fehr

View Online Classes Offered by Angela

Read Angela’s Guest Post

Anna Mason

Read Anna’s Guest Post

Bogdan Shiptenko

Read Bogdan’s Guest Post

Coco Bee

Read Coco Bee’s Guest Post

Ellie Moniz

Read Ellie’s Guest Post

Gabrielle Hatton

Read Gabrielle’s Guest Post

Jarnie Godwin

Read Jarnie’s Guest Post

Julia Trickey

Read Julia’s Guest Post

Kate Osborne

Read Kate’s Guest Post

Koosje Koene

Read Koosje’s Guest Post

Lindsay Weirich

Read Lindsay’s Guest Post

Marc Taro Holmes

Read Marc’s Guest Post


Three Times Fast Urban Sketching Exercise - Step 1 by Marc Taro Holmes

Michael Haun

Read Michael’s Guest Post

Michael Salmon

Read Michael’s Guest Post

Shiho Nakaza

Read Shiho’s Guest Post

Watercolor demo: sunset

Yao Khuan

Read Yao’s Guest Post


Want to say hi and connect? Do you make lovely things with watercolor and want to be featured in the next Guest Artist post?! Great! Not sure, just feel the need to say something? Awesome! Just fill out the form below!


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