For our prompt of “Puddles” today, I only had a precious few minutes to sketch, so I made a quick little doodle of an umbrella sitting in a puddle. Seriously, this one was only 15 minutes, but I rather liked how it turned out! Indeed, on the first day of spring where I live, puddles are usually the norm. Today, however, it was a bit chillier than usual, but the sun finally managed to shine for awhile. It was definitely nice to see the sun again after several very gray days. Indeed, the current times are a bit gray in general with the current pandemic sweeping the world. It’s a rather surreal moment in history to be sure. So, it was nice to pause and make even a lightening quick doodle today. Every time I sketch something I get the added benefit of blocking out the world and the news for even a brief time. And, that’s a really lovely thing indeed!

Tonight, Philippe and I had a pizza night along with some wine. This week was oddly busy despite the current events in the world, and so we’re quite thrilled for the weekend. The biggest news to report in our world is the release of a game called Animal Crossing that just came out today. Philippe has been talking about this game for weeks. This is not hyperbole. It’s been literally weeks now that he’s been talking about it. It’s a game where you build a world from scratch, and most of it happens in real time, even with changing seasons. It’s certainly one of the hottest games out this year, so he’s not alone in his enthusiasm. And the irony of people excited to build a new and different world isn’t lost on me at all. I can certainly see the allure. So, I purchased my own copy so I could check it out and see just want kind of world I might build.

As most of you know, my world would be built on happiness and optimism. My world is one that can get through anything at all and one where there’s always room for smiles. Sure, this sounds like a candy-coated world of impossible things, but I truly believe that good things are always possible. I also think that this latest crisis will actually make the world a better place. We’ve not paid attention to so much of the bad things happening in our world, and so something extreme will at least finally attract some much-needed attention. We can all still make a beautiful and positive difference in the world. It’s not too late! And I’m entering this weekend with a very positive feeling. It’s truly the best way to enter any form of uncertainty. With a positive approach to life, things always work out better in the end. Yeah that, and for today, lots of social distancing. So stay safe, stay home, and stay creative! Keep on sketching and making wonderful things as we continue this current moment of weathering the storm.

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Umbrella Puddle Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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26 thoughts on “Weathering The Storm

  1. Wonderful puddle Charlie! Have fun playing the new game if you were able to access it. I plan on painting this weekend. My husband unexpectedly has to work at least tomorrow. I’m trying not to leave the house except for food. I did do curbside pickup for lunch and a supply of coffee both from local businesses that now can no longer be open for inside service. My hairdresser closed today so looks like my hair will be growing longer. Not the end of the world. Stay safe!

  2. Well now isn’t that a cute umbrella. So colorful. We don’t use umbrellas out here in Oregon. Lol, that’s how you know travelers or newbies. Umbrellas don’t do much good if it is raining sideways. 😉 Enjoy a relaxing weekend! I will be out in the dreaded yard, beautiful weekend ahead. Rain next week for our normally scheduled rainy Spring Break. It always rains for it. 🙂

  3. I agree. Optimism and a focus on silver linings is much healthier than fretfulness & despair. The doodle is perfectly symbolic, and also charming.

  4. I stumbled across a thing called eco printing yesterday. I kind of remember reading about it a few years ago, but it slipped my mind. Anyway. You stack up watercolor paper with leaves and grasses and flowers between them, then tie the while thing together and boil it for an hour and a half. When you take it apart, the paper has lovely prints on each sheet. As soon as we get some greenery back around here I’ve got a new art project.

  5. Lovely little sketch colorful and help brighten some of the darkness of the world today. And I am sorry we have to get to such extremes to maybe not to take this life lightly or for granted…Thanks again!

  6. Love those colorful reflections in the puddle! We’re taking life one day at a time and enjoying life’s simple gifts. I listened to a bird with an incredible repertoire of musical notes sing its heart out two days ago (guessing it was a Mockingbid) and what a joyful performance. Still makes me smile when I think about! Hope you enjoy a peaceful weekend.

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