Today is the last day of my long weekend and Staycation, and I’m thankfully feeling much better after yesterday’s brief interruption. I decided to hop back into the prompts list because I needed an idea to sketch for today and was generally clueless as to what I might attempt. I saw Philippe’s sunglasses sitting on the edge of the table and decided to doodlewash them. We stayed indoors today, still recuperating, so sunglasses were not actually required, but did offer a view of the outdoors at least, reflected in the lenses. After looking for “perfect” sunglasses forever, he finally broke down and bought these from Costco. They’re not high fashion, proven by the fact that they came in a hideously ugly blue plastic blister pack. But even if they’re not the pair he dreamed of, they do the job well enough.

There were so many things I was wanting to get done this weekend, but have now reached the end and realized none of them happened. Beyond just being generally lazy, I also had plans to catch up on blogs and put some finishing touches on this website. Given that aliens invaded my body for the past 24 hours, these plans were not to become a reality. What I did have time to do, was reflect. I thought back to this time a year ago when I was just discovering watercolor and how excited I was each day to start painting again. This amazing sense of newness has always propelled me in life. I love trying new things and have discovered entirely new hobbies over the years from photography to piano.

I don’t play the piano much anymore, there’s a lamp sitting on the closed lid, and my camera sits on the shelf like a trophy of a sport I never won. I briefly worried that watercolor would befall the same fate. But this time, I realized, there’s something different happening. Those hobbies were always runner-up. From the time I was a kid, I’ve wanted to illustrate and write stories. Yet, as I reached middle age, it was painfully clear I’ve never published a book of this sort. Just another childhood fantasy that would never happen. But here I am, each day, writing some little story that comes to mind and illustrating it. Maybe my life didn’t turn out exactly like I dreamed, but in reflection, it’s come pretty close. A blog may not be the same as a bestselling book, but for me, it does the job well enough.

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M. Graham Watercolors:  Cobalt Teal, Permanent Green Pale, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Sennelier: Olive Green. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
Day 5 #WorldWatercolorGroup Weekend Reflections Sunglasses deep blue black

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50 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections

  1. I for one enjoy seeing your doodlewashes everyday and reading the story you have written about it. No it may not be the book you dreamt about writing but it certainly is entertaining. And always well done. Never say never Charlie. You are admittedly only middle age. Cheers Charlie!!

  2. I do believe there is some book in there somewhere – a Doodlewash book perhaps! You are full of so many surprises, and life holds so many surprises and adventures. Who knows what the future holds. I believe something wonderful and bright for you! 🙂 That is an awesome painting of Philippe’s sunglasses!

  3. I’m impressed with your Doodlewash accomplishment every day, the art and the writing. You make a lot of people happy on this site, and your positive attitude does indeed do the job well enough. Consider yourself successful. At least you know you’re happy.

  4. Charlie, I think things happen for a reason, and just think how many folks you have influenced through your blog. We are all better for it!! I am sure you will investigate new hobbies here and there; curiosity and learning are always wonderful things. However, I hope you always find time to create a little Doodlewash each and every day, too. Oh, and I am glad to hear you are feeling better too! 😘

  5. Sometimes life sends us unexpected surprises that can lead to amazing results…YOU, Charlie are AMAZING and I’m so glad I have met you!! 😍 Keep on doing what you love! 💕💖 You are doing wonderful things with your art, my friend! 💕🎨👍

  6. Hope, there is always Hope Charlie for writing a book. Perhaps not now but later on and for me I am glad that you make this wonderfull blog and watercolor illustrations!
    I think wishes are perhaps more important than reaching the goal so stay wishing and than the goal is coming in an unexpect moment!

    Good idea watercoloring sunglasses, I shall try to do mine and show you.

    Stay as you are, thank you!

  7. Middle aged…wot? Eh?! 37 is not middle aged…lol. Unless you’ve been telling stories… 😉
    A new week, a new website which is looking good on my new PC — yes, I’ve succumbed, a HP 14inch Win10 64-bit. Beautiful. ‘Tho your website text and tones are small/a little light to read well. I do like its style, Charlie! Well done!
    Those sunnies speak to me of Spring, which made itself felt today being a balmy and sunny 19degC here in Melbourne. For you, a symbol of Paris to come…tres chic!
    Glad to hear you’re feeling much better. Bonsoir!

    1. Ohhhhh…. Thanks, Janina! 😃💕I LOVE you for calling me 37 (even thought I’m actually half way to 46!) Lol And that’s so much for the feedback… I tried to keep the site style but just made the fonts just a touch darker. Let me know if that helps any. I’m only surrounded by Macs and iPhones so I haven’t been able to check how the site looks on a PC.

  8. I, too, have wanted to write and illustrate. And so I paint and I have a blog, but rarely do I put the two together as I dream of doing. I’m okay with that for now. Maybe one of these days I’ll put the two together in book form.

    Get well, keep painting, we enjoy your art, stories, and guidance.

  9. I get distracted by shiny objects (like you, I’ve also largely abandoned my piano and camera). The difference is that you are able to turn these shiny objects into beautiful paintings, though — and write this consistently wry and wonderful narrative to accompany them! I have no doubt that you already have the makings of a book in the posts you’ve made here, Charlie.

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