I don’t own one of these, but this is the one I would like Philippe to buy me. In trying to figure out what the heck these things are called, Philippe said they were Carillons de Noël, but the German ones like this were called Christmas Pyramids which sounds Egyptian. I ended up opting for just the German word for the title of this post, because it just looks like something you can’t quite figure out.

When I was a kid we used to have the metal ones which were called “chimes” even though they didn’t make any sound at all. I always thought they were so magical, but for some reason, the wooden ones seem even more magical to me. Even though my sister lived in Germany for several years, I never managed to get one of these, but I did get an awesome little cuckoo clock, so I didn’t mind at all. Perhaps one day, I’ll own one of these, but for now, I’ll just doodlewash it.

This time of year has proven extra busy and although I make time to doodlewash daily, writing has been really tough to squeeze in before dinner. So for now, I hope you enjoy the whatever-this-is-called and I’ll be back tomorrow with the whatever-you-tell-me-to-paint!

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44 thoughts on “Weihnachtspyramide

  1. I don’t care if it’s only quarter to one in the morning – this has made my day, Charlie! I’m pleased as punch that I voted for this. We used to have one of these… or rather, I badgered and badgered for mum to get us one, as my grandparents had quite a spectacular one which was three tiers-high. Ours had a nativity scene on it, though (I think), not cute teddy bears. I was captivated by the thing, as I am your marvellous doodlewash! Love.

    1. Yay! One you actually voted for! Hehe…did you rig this one? 😉and that’s so cool!! I’m glad this brought my memories! And jealous you had one! Lol I’ve been wanting one for years. I’d prefer teddy bears though. You know…just if you’re out shopping and see one that you might pick up for me. 😃

      1. Haha! I didn’t even have to rig! Not that I have in the past, of course.

        I’ll keep a look out. 😉 I’m with you though, I’d much rather have had this cool teddy bear one, it’s amazing!

  2. incredible work! I am simply amazed at such talent. — be careful with the “whatever-you-tell-me-to-paint” offer … the world is full of strange people. I know. I am one.

  3. Very nice details! I’ve always thought these were cool too. We had a metal one when I was little as well. You would light candles and the rising heat make the propeller spin. They in turn made the chimes ring. Was your like that?

  4. Your details are AMAZING Charlie! I have never seen one like this before. The one we had as kids was very cheaply made if I recall correctly – with gold angels but always fun to watch. I think it sounds similar to what Nancy describes. Gosh, it has been years since I thought about it! Thanks Charlie for helping me remember. 💖💕😊

  5. Ah, love this! Having just moved to Germany I’m seeing them everywhere here, some incredibly elaborate, they’re a really nice thing to bring out at Christmas , we’re going to have it get one 😉

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