Just as I was sketching this little kitten for our prompt today, Philippe and I got a text that our sister-in-law in Paris just had her second baby! So, this little cat is dedicated to the newest arrival in our family, our little niece Juliette. We knew a little girl was on the way, but they didn’t reveal her name until today. With the time difference, we were sleeping when mom and dad headed to the hospital and woke up to find that the baby would be coming any moment. She’s perfectly adorable in the photo we saw and another one showed her mother with the happiest smile on her face. It’s amazing to me to imagine that moment when a mother finally meets the baby she’s been carrying for months that first time. I can’t imagine what that must be like, but I’d guess it’s the most amazing and memorable moment life has to offer. It will be some time before she’s able to meet her uncles, however, but we’re excited to see her when we return to France. Bienvenue à Juliette!

Philippe and I are planning to visit Paris in autumn this year, but haven’t picked the exact time yet. As exciting as it is to receive the news we did today, it’s a bittersweet reminder that we’re still oceans apart from family. I adore that we live in a time when we can be so easily connected with texts and photos. And I was secretly happy that Juliette arrived after we awoke so we could be a part of the experience in real-time. We did what any uncles might do and hopped online to start looking for things to buy for her. Though I told Philippe we should check with mom and dad before actually buying anything. This past Christmas we sent a rather large Playmobil set for our niece Alice and her mother told us if we ever send anything that large again, we need to be there to help put it together. We were there in January last year so her gift was delayed a bit so we could see her open it. It was a zoo Playmobil set and we were there to help her set everything up and play. That was a magical visit as we also went to the Paris zoo as well, so the trip had a lovely theme of animals which I always adore.

My own brother and sister are more than a decade older so some of their children have had children as well. My great-nephew, also named Charlie, visited us from Texas when he was just about three years old. It was such a fabulous visit and though we couldn’t remember the food we served, for a couple of years after that, Charlie was still raving that “Unco Fweep” makes good cornbread. Now, of course, he’s inherited my niece’s incredibly proper diction and pronounces Philippe’s name better than I do. I love being an uncle and having the chance to see the world through the eyes of a child first hand. I only wish I lived closer so I could spend more time with them. They grow up so fast, and with only annual visits, it’s like they grow up as fast as little kittens. Though absence does make the heart grow fonder, so when we do visit, we’re rather like celebrities, which is kind of cool as well. And though when someone is older, they’re meant to impart some sort of wisdom to the young, I find myself learning more from them. It’s a reminder to embrace the wonder of life and enjoy those little moments before they’re gone. So, I’m thrilled to have a new little teacher arrive today. Welcome, little one.

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36 thoughts on “Welcome, Little One

  1. Aww! I love the little nieces and nephews. On my side of the family there is only one nephew, but Joe has a bunch and I am very close to some of them. Now they are having babies of their own and it is so awesome seeing everyone growing up and making their way into the world.

  2. Congratulations.
    My sister moved to Canada when her daughter married a Canadian and those two have a toddler and a 4month old now. I know what it is: oceans between… We only see eachother via skype. Yes I’m very grateful for living in this time. We have a lot of contact and the toddler really knows her family in Belgium. But when I sent a parcel she alway says thanks, a very fat merrrrci to my cat, she loves my cat, hahaha. He was as cute as you cuty here, once, long ago.

  3. Cute kitty! My kitty is sleeping on my lap for her morning ritual of lovin’s. I’ve tried to sketch her before, but her coloring is so hard to capture. I should give Sandra a picture of her and see what she suggests at our next visit. 😉 Congrats on the newest member of your family! How exciting!

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