For our prompt of “Map” today, my inner child leapt right to a treasure map. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to find a treasure map and go in search of the prize. Here we have a little squirrel doing just that. But, it struck me that “treasure” might be something different for a squirrel. Indeed, each of us might have a few unique personal opinions on what we would consider valuable, or indeed, priceless. For a squirrel, I was quite sure that a bounty of fruit and nuts would be the most exciting prize. And, I had to stop and wonder what I would like to find in that treasure chest. No doubt, a chest filled with art supplies would certainly make me giddy with excitement. And truly, depending on the day, I might actually get a thrill from finding peanuts. I do adore them. Though, yes, finding a chest filled with jewels and money would mean that I could then buy all of the peanuts and art supplies I would ever want. But, when I think about what truly makes me happy, it doesn’t come in a box.

When I thought about what my treasure chest would contain, I felt a bit stumped. It couldn’t possibly house the endless health and happiness of my family and friends. I guess that would require a genie’s lamp and wishes, which would be even cooler. Yet, deciding on just what those three wishes would be feels like another insurmountable task. Though, I’d certainly give it go as one should never pass up a chance to have a wish granted. In truth, I don’t really want for much these days. Even my inner child seems content with all of the current toys I possess. So, even if I found a map, I’m not sure if the treasure would be worth the journey. I rather adore the journey I’m already on. It’s that wildly simple one that comes with lots of writing, sketching stuff, and beautiful time spent with my little family. I don’t have to go in search of treasure. I’ve already found all the riches I could ever want.

This, of course, also includes pizza. I’ve reached the end of yet another week and made it to pizza night, which always feels like winning a prize every time. I was exactly the same when I was a little kid and my mom and I would sit and enjoy pizza night while watching musicals. Those were such wonderful times that we spent together. It wasn’t something shiny and new that thrilled me, it was the beauty of a routine that always managed to warm my heart. Nothing new has quite the same allure. It takes time and repetition to form the level of love required to make something feel like a treasure. And so, I’m ready to enjoy another lovely and golden night with Philippe and Phineas. A night that gets shinier and more beautiful each time. Around the world, others might always be doing what they love most, and together we’ll all share in that secret knowing that only comes when we’re stopping to enjoy what we treasure.

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24 thoughts on “What We Treasure

  1. Well, your treasure map (for today at least) would show all the obstacles you’ve overcome during a busy week as you worked your way to the Friday Island of ‘Don’t Have to Work for a While’. You probably don’t get pepperoni, which would be nicely shaped to create an ‘X’ on your pizza. Hopefully, you have some vegetable that will suffice, but then, really it’s the thought that counts.

  2. Health, and wealth. Sometimes when the lottery gets high, Joe buys us a ticket and we spend time dreaming about giving money away. We’d keep some for sure, but being a fairy godmother would make me very happy. I would for sure give scholarship money to kids who couldn’t go to school otherwise. And the local animal shelter would get something because they do such good work. It’s fun to think about.

  3. Yay for traditions that are worth more than gold and treasure. 🌞 Like you, I have no idea what MATERIAL things I would want to find. After everything that I have been through, what I now value and desire with all my heart would not fit in that treasure chest. To live without pain (health/healing), to find who I belong with, to live the life that comes with finding where and with who I belong to, maybe just maybe having REAL friends and finally having a family that loves me and welcomes me in. How do you place “wanting to belong” in a treasure chest? 🌸 I want to tell you that your squirrel is cute, but I have been in a turf war with our backyard squirrel, who decided to bury her pecans in my flower pots. They began to sprout so I removed them. I thought she understood that until she kept digging up my flower pots……over and over and over again. So, I am anti-squirrel right now. haha haha Just kidding. Wonderful painting. I think he’s worried that kitty 🐱will find where he hides it. haha

  4. Ah, what a picture. I always giggle when I clean out my flower pots in the Spring and find peanuts. I feel sorry for the little squirrel who forgot where he buried it. OR, since I move all my pots,I mess up his system and then I feel bad. A treasure chest of art suppies would be fun to find, along with some time to play.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    Great Doodlewash as usual! That squirrel looks thrilled at the sheer size of the peanuts peekin out of the chest. 🙂 Like you, I also don’t know what my treasure chest would hold, but the laughter that rings in my house will definitely be one of the things. Right now, when my parents, sister and I are together at home, safe & healthy, this in itself feels like a treasure. But yes, a nice big box of hot pizza with loads of mushrooms would also add to the “riches”. 😉 Enjoy your pizza!


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