For our prompt of “Furry Friends” today, I chose a little corgi as I’ve always wanted to have one as a friend. There are people who walk by outside our window that have a couple of corgis and I just think they’re so darn cute. I adore dogs of all kinds, and when I see them walking by, with that happy grin on their face, it puts one on mine as well. My own dog Phineas is a basenji and he usually has a much more austere look much of the time. But, sometimes, when he’s feeling playful they’ll be a touch of smile on his face, or at least a sparkle in his eye as he waits for a treat. On a walk today, I saw a dog in the distance who was sitting and waiting patiently for a back door to be opened. He only broke his gaze for a moment to look my way, but his pleasant look was just like a smile and so I smiled back. It was the simplest exchange one can experience, but it really lifted my spirits.

Getting outside for a little walk has become a lovely ritual after staying inside for so many days and not traveling anywhere by car. Though I often enjoy a walk in the spring, I appreciate it even more now. And seeing others walking their dogs, as we all zigzag our way down the street to avoid each other entirely, still makes me happy. The dogs are blissfully unaware of all of the chaos happening in the world and are just glad to be outside on a lovely day. It makes me stop and realize that I have the ability to behave in exactly the same fashion, minus the wagging tail of course. I can choose to be thrilled and positive about every little thing I see in life each day. Just like that dog I saw looking at the back door, I can patiently wait for what I wish would happen next with hope. Though my own dog doesn’t wag his tail profusely. Instead, he gives a controlled “tick tick,” swinging his tail once to the right and once to the left to express his pleasure. It’s still a joy to be stuck at home with him.

I’ve no doubt though he’s wondering when Philippe and I will go back to work already so he can invite his friend Michael the squirrel over to play. And no doubt discuss his next book with his published Cindy, the black cat that roams the neighborhood. I think we might be cramping his style a bit. This is immediately forgiven since we’re around to take him for extra walks as we try to get a little exercise of our own. It’s been a bit like camping, since groceries are not in constant supply of things, but even that has a sense of charm. Our world may not be the same right now, but those little joys are everywhere to be found. So, as I see each little dog pass across the street, I take a moment to watch them go by. Though sometimes it can seem like there’s not a lot to look forward to these days, I’m content enjoying the smallest and brightest little moments, like when dogs smile.

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43 thoughts on “When Dogs Smile

  1. What a cute corgi Charlie! Yeah to getting outside. We got out in our year for a bit today, cleaning up after the winter. I’m afraid that we have an ever growing mountain of what I call “wildlife habitat” behind the garden shed. Today a wagon load of wild rose trimmings got added to the pile. Daffodils are up several inches. I actually feel better tonight then I did last night. Go figure. Peepers were singing and so weren’t the cardinals. Good day!

  2. I ordered groceries online and Joe went to pick them up this afternoon. There was no chicken, no flour, and no yeast. If I want to make cookies I’m going to have to find a source for my addiction. 😂

    1. Weirdly… we were able to get yeast here, but no flour. I’ve no idea what the hoarders are doing with all that flour! lol But we were able to get gluten-free 1to1 flour at least. Works for cookies it says on the bag, but can’t get Philippe to test it yet! hehe

  3. I’m sure there are many pets in bliss because their families have finally come to their sense and are spending most of their time in the den. They’ll be heartbroken when all this passes and things go back to normal.

  4. When dogs smile…it’s like being invited into the ‘secret ‘. The secret of enjoying each moment as it unfolds! My Goldendoodle is very good at that, and also instigating wild chase and sniffing games of all sorts! A joyful life coach indeed!! 🐕‍🦺. Mighty cute Corgi, Charlie! 😊

  5. I love smiling dogs. It just sends my mind wandering……. What is he smiling about? What is he so happy about? Creative minds I believe wander….. a lot. Sweet little pup!

  6. Love your Corgi image! I walk my bichon every day and it is great getting out just to walk around the same block every day. Today, I saw 3 cars, 2 bluebirds, a crow chasing off a red-tailed hawk, 2 mockingbirds chasing off the crow and zero humans outside the 3 cars. 🙂

  7. You don’t need a tail to wag, just do the corgi butt wiggle! And if you do it right, the people walking by won’t even notice (but their dogs might).

  8. I just went on Amazon and bought your book. I am wanting to illustrate books, as I like to write children’s books. The problem is I don’t really know how it all comes together. I think I am a pretty good artist and I have bought numerous books to teach different techniques. Do you illustrate books? I also just got Photoshop and a drawing tablet but Photoshop is super hard! I bought Photoshop for Dummies to help with that. I’ll let you know how I do with the drawing once I get your book.

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much for getting my book! 😃💕 Hope you enjoy it! I’ve illustrated only the Sketching Stuff books, which are an output of my daily sketches that I post here. I hope to one day right and illustrate a children’s book as well! Daily practice is getting me closer to that goal!

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