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When In Doubt, Sketch A Dessert

Today should have been a sketch of a bicycle had I been following the prompts for this month. I actually put that prompt in because I wanted to practice sketching those darn tough-to-draw wheels. But I’m running wildly behind and my initial sketch of a bicycle looked more like one that had been in a horrible accident. Honestly, I can only hope the rider survived. When things like this happen, I simply shrug it off and well, sketch a dessert. Sweet treats alway make everything better for me, particularly when I’m stressed. If I ate them every time, that would probably be a bad thing, but sketching them has a similar positive effect. It occurs to me that this could be a new version of fad diet. Instead of eating whatever decadent thing comes to mind, simply sketch it instead. I’m not sure nutritionists would back me on this, but it’s definitely something to consider. If nothing else, it’s definitely true that when you’re wondering what to paint, you should always default to the things you love most.

I find it rather fun to attempt to create a little painting of some kind even on the busiest of days like today. I was super stressed all day and had way too much to do, and yet, when it came time to create a little sketch of some kind, I still managed to dive in and make something. This felt really good! This post will come far later than any post before it, but I’m rather thrilled that I managed to still make it happen. I guess what I want to say is that it’s never impossible to make a little something each and every day. Just insist on a little break to do what you love and it’s totally possible! I’ve no idea if what I made today is at the level of artistry that it should be, nor do I care. I made something. That’s it, nothing more exotic than that. I took a little blank page of my sketchbook and put something there that never existed before. Just that little act is all I need to feel like I’ve done something wonderful. Sure, actually being able to enjoy the dessert would have been incredibly cooler, but it was still a fun experience.

Some days I feel so rushed that I can’t even think straight. Today was one of those. Forcing myself to take a little bit of time to make something always transforms me. After I’m done, I can barely remember what all that stress was about. Why was I so manic before? Everything is just blissfully relaxed and beautiful now. I don’t know of anything else that can create that feeling. I’ve never experienced it before. But making a tiny bit of art always delivers such a rush of pure calm that I’ve never known in any other way. It’s so much more about the act than the outcome for me. I just love the feeling of transformed a blank sheet of paper into something alive with lines and color. I’m sure I could make something more amazing or more thoughtful or more anything else one might think of, but most days, I’m simply just content in the making. I’m not always sure of what I’d like to create next, but I can always rely on my personal adage of, when in doubt, sketch a dessert.

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 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Strawberry Dessert With Spoon Watercolor - #doodlewash

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17 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Sketch A Dessert

  1. Charlie, I love your desert sketches – please do not stop or feel guilty! I am sure there is a support group like “desert sketchers anonymous” somewhere 🙂 But, your comments beg the question….if you are not eating them, then 1) they must not be in front of you, so how do you know how they look like? or 2) if they are in front of you, who is eating them as it would be a shame to go to waste, lol! I hope you are not pushing them all to Philippe or your dog 😛 I have become fascinated with food sketching in general, I do not know what it is. A drawn piece of lettuce looks fascinating – it is almost like I learn to observe the details of the lettuce when it is a drawing more so than when i am starring at the real thing! This can’t be good but sure it is fun! I am half way drawing all my fountain pens – i know, very compulsive, but I find drawing art materials to be a lot of fun. Similar to the deserts, if I draw them I get to see how many i have already and i get to touch them all and stare at them to capture the details which avoids going to the internet and buying more pens! Win-win! Just like with the deserts 🙂 Happy VERY belated birthday, btw – i was catching up on the doodles and just found out :-O

    1. Awww thanks soooo much, Yvonne! 😃💕 It’s actually my birthday month so it’s nearly impossible to be belated! lol I use copyright free photo references for many of my desserts or old photos that I’ve taken of previous decadence! hehe… Actually, I will always take a photo first, because I can’t stand having food sitting that’s not eaten. Seems unnatural. Haha But glad to hear you’re becoming a food sketching addict as well. I honestly can’t say what it is either, but I totally love it!!

  2. really enjoyed your post… and the dessert art is nice…
    loved this mots of all:
    “making a tiny bit of art always delivers such a rush of pure calm that I’ve never known in any other way. It’s so much more about the act than the outcome for me. “

  3. We do let life run roughshod over us way too much sometimes. Why not stop and enjoy dessert first? This one looks yummy and gave me the chance to consider where I need to slow down, what I need to discard. Thanks for the reminder, Charlie.

    1. I’ve done the desert first thing – wild critters and pets go for the tastiest stuff first, seems like a good idea to me. Turns out it is a cultural taboo. Unless you’re feeling rebellious, do it when no one is looking. It adds to the fun either way.

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