When Life Gets Funny

Day 9 - About to Slip On A Banana Peel Watercolor - Doodlewash

Though it would seem to be a wonderful thing if everything in life always went as expected, the reality is that life is full of crazy surprises. Silly and inexplicable things happen all of the time despite our best efforts to avoid them. And yes, some not so wonderful things happen along the way as well. But, that’s just one of the many side effects that comes with living. Sometimes, I feel as if life itself is a little kid at heart like me. It can get rather dramatic at times and seem to almost be having a tantrum, but then it starts to giggle at something completely random and things change once again. Or, at least, that’s my reaction to life as it spins new things into my path each day. Well, to be sure, I’m constantly doing new things all of the time and causing much of it to happen myself. So perhaps, life is just giggling at me for being crazy enough to attempt so many things at once. But either way, me and life are having quite a good laugh together and it makes living a rather enjoyable event. Our life is measured by the things we actually do, after all, not the things we avoid.

For the past couple of days here, we’ve had a bit of snow. The ground is far too warm to accept it properly, so the result is just a dusting of white on the grass. It was not predicted to continue today, but arrived anyway without the invitation. I was immediately giddy and happy, like a kid ready to rush out the door with his sled at the first sight of a snowflake. On the elevator at work, where people grasp for something to say while waiting for their floor to arrive, and the conversations always turn to something safely mundane like weather, I encountered others. One woman lamented the falling snow as though it was practically apocalyptic.  I thought she was joking so I started giggling, but then she shot me a serious and confused look. The door opened a second later and she stumbled off, but I was still baffled as to what had just happened. Apparently, my approach to life is a bit too giddy for some people. I experience this all of the time. It’s not that I ignore serious things that happen in life, it’s that I never choose to dwell there. I always see a glimmer of something sparkly in the dull mist and that’s what I choose to focus upon.

What I’ve learned is that life can be as humorous as we allow it to be. There are crazy turns that it takes and things we desperately wish would not happen that it makes happen in spite of us. My crazy kid at heart approach can sometimes seem off-putting to someone who is insistent in wallowing in the negative aspects of a situation. But, I just can’t join them. I’ve never been in a situation that didn’t have that glimmer of hope on the edges, even when all hope seemed lost. And that shiny bit that’s waiting there is what I always gravitate toward. I don’t deny that life can deal some incredibly sad and awful things as we move through this journey. But, what I believe with all of my heart is that we can see past those things and find the bits that shimmer. The tiny and almost invisible bits of life that show us there’s still something beautiful to be found along the path. A small and seemingly irrelevant thing can be just the thing we need to feel that joy and giggle again. And, sure, I probably spend way too much time giggling, but it’s the best method I’ve learned to deal with things, when life gets funny.

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Day 9 - About to Slip On A Banana Peel Watercolor Detail - Doodlewash
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  1. Lisa 7 months ago

    👍 I have been lucky enough to have some very wonderful young people in my life. Nieces, nephews, children of friends etc. They talk to me and seek me out when things happen in their lives. On more than one occasion I have heard said tales of love gone awry, or jobs lost, or any of those teen problems that we all lived through. I listen to them and commiserate, then give them a deadline. You can cry and moan and feel sorry for yourself for x amount of time. After that, cheer the hell up because you are too wonderful and gifted and smart to wallow in self pity. It works too. It’s part and parcel of the human condition that bad things happen sometimes, but if you let those things drag you down for too long, it is very difficult to climb out the other side. I also tell them that they don’t have to listen to me, but I’m right! 😂😂

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 7 months ago

      You are SO right my friend! 😃💕Yeah, that’s one lesson that the sooner they learn it, the better off their lives will be for sure!!

  2. Sharon Nolfi 7 months ago

    LOL your painting today! Giggling is always a good idea, even when things are difficult.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 7 months ago

      Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m a very firm believer in a good giggle! hehe

  3. SnehLata Maheshwari 7 months ago

    Nice painting.

  4. LoriCtoo 7 months ago

    That’s too bad that lady was having a bad day and didn’t see the beauty of the snow. Some years don’t get much snow here, sometimes we can go a whole winter without it. So when we do get it, I become a kid again. I love watching it, I love it covering everything and I love hearing the peace it brings at night. When I first saw your sketch, I thought you might have a monkey story. Lol, that’s how my brain works. It makes me smile.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 7 months ago

      haha! A monkey story would have been a good choice, but I’ve already told that one here – https://doodlewash.com/back-when-my-best-friend-was-a-monkey/ – Lol And yay for snow! 😃💕Yeah, some people just went ahead and grew up and can’t see the magic anymore.

      • LoriCtoo 7 months ago

        Oh my goodness! I had a similar summer buddy monkey! It wasn’t Zippy, but a close relative. He was the one with black bottoms, a yellow top, complete with 1/4″ red elastic suspenders. He held a banana in his hand. There were two sizes and mine was the biggest, about 24″. He lived at my grandparents house in Upper Michigan. I don’t recall what name I gave him. He was the first thing I went for when we arrived after our 6 hour drive, 5 of us in a VW bug packed for 2 weeks. Oh thank you for conjuring up these wonderful memories. Sorry for the length of this. I guess I should get my own blog. Lol

        • Author
          Charlie O'Shields 7 months ago

          Oh wow!! haha! I love that! 😃💕Yay and big hug to our childhood monkeys!! That’s wonderful! And now I might be just a bit jealous as your monkey sounds a bit cooler! lol And that’s the great thing about Doodlewash… it’s a community blog, so feel free to blog your comments here! That’s precisely what it’s intended for! 😉

          • LoriCtoo 7 months ago

            As I was laying in bed last night, I remembered he had white high tops on! I just might have to locate one someday. Thanks for letting me jabber.

          • Author
            Charlie O'Shields 6 months ago

            haha! My monkey had white shoes! I’m now wondering what yours was… if you find a pick, message it to me on Doodlewash! lol 😉 And jabber away please… it would be perfectly lonely posting every day if nobody bothered to start a conversation! 💕

          • LoriCtoo 6 months ago

            Will do to both! :p

  5. Nancy 7 months ago

    Yay for you for always finding the silver lining! I bet the woman in the elevator doesn’t have nearly as much fun as you!😊

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 7 months ago

      Thanks, Nancy! 😃💕 Yeah, I can’t imagine she has much fun in her life. Makes me sad, but if I ever see her again, my entire goal now will be to get her to laugh. 😉 hehe

  6. smzang 7 months ago

    We haven’t had our first snow yet, but my heart races at the thought. After all these many years
    I am still a kid again when snow falls. I am just a bit envious of your first snow of the year, and,
    I must admit, I love those green tennis shoes.

    Charlie says, ” life can be as humorous as we allow it to be”

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 7 months ago

      Thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕 Yeah, snow makes me perfectly giddy! It doesn’t matter what I was feeling just a moment before, a moment of snow makes everything shinier. I love it!

  7. Sandra Strait 7 months ago

    While I agree with your take on life generally, I have to admit feeling a fellowship with the woman when it comes to snow. The word is ‘Chionophobia’- a fear or extreme dislike of snow (and the associated ice). I think the whole of Portland, Oregon has this condition, because the lightest of dustings sends everyone into a panic. I don’t mind it as long as neither I nor anyone I know and love has to go out in it, but I feel entirely unsafe being around it.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 6 months ago

      Oh wow… that’s awesome! Thanks for that perspective, Sandra! 😃💕Perhaps this woman was simply a Portland transplant. hehe That would explain it perfectly! Yeah, snow is a bit of an acquired taste, but since I’ve lived in a region when it comes all the time, it’s become less of hinderance and more of an old friend.

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