Day 8 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Oysters On The Halfshell With Lemon Watercolor - #doodlewash

When The World Is Your Oyster

So the actual prompt for today was seagull, but that made me think of seafood and instead we ended up with oysters. I’ve often heard the phrase “the world is your oyster” but I never really knew where it came from. It’s actually a line from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives Of Windsor and was used in a context that was more about stealing riches. Rather violently actually, with a sword and everything, in order to obtain a pearl. Today, we’ve forgotten about all of that and use the phrase to simply mean the world is ours to enjoy. A much lighter and more positive intent that I rather love. As for actual oysters, I don’t dislike them, but I’m not a huge fan like Philippe. Therefore, while painting this, I wasn’t sure if I captured any appetite appeal at all, so I had Philippe approve it first. He said, “yum,” so I figured it was safe to post for anyone out there who happens to enjoy them. Actually, I did do a quick bit of googling to see what seagulls eat and it turns out they eat everything in sight, so hopefully they’ll enjoy these oysters as well.

I tend to have a ridiculously positive attitude about the future. I do feel that the world is ours to enjoy and I try to make the most of every day. This includes doing far too many things at once and trying things that are nearly ridiculous in their scope. The recent changes and future happenings on Doodlewash are all part of this. Many of you have discovered that you can actually create profiles and upload images to your own personal art gallery, right here on this site. This is the start of something brand new that I’m still feverishly testing and debugging in order to make niche social community that will be something fun for all artists. Once things seem solid, I’ll be making the official announcement. I’ve no idea what it all will bring, but I’m hoping that all of you will help me figure it out! If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you know that I’m all about community and connecting people. I just want to inspire as many people as possible to pursue their artistic dreams. It’s such an incredible journey when you take the time to make something new.

I’m getting close to my two-year anniversary of painting, having just started back in July 2015. My insane enthusiasm when I first discovered watercolor hasn’t dimmed at all! I adore this medium and I’m still hell-bent on spreading the word about its wonders. In July, we’ll be celebrating the second annual World Watercolor Month™ and I hope that all of you reading this will join in! It’s a chance to do what I’ve done since I started. Paint a little watercolor each and every day during the month. Just set aside at least 30 minutes each day and happily splash some color about and you’ll be amazed at what happens next. Each little brush stroke leads to a new bit of understanding and reveals a new way of seeing the world around you. I never worry whether I’m creating a masterpiece. There are plenty of museums around to display those. I just want to create something and experience the joy that comes from doing so. Never let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. There’s no reason to ever have doubt, when the world is your oyster.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Azo Yellow, Gamboge, Dioxazine Purple, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Opera Rose, Ultramarine Blue and Neutral Tint. Alvin Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencil in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 8 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Oysters On The Halfshell With Lemon Watercolor - #doodlewash

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10 thoughts on “When The World Is Your Oyster

  1. Charlie, your painting of oysters is beautiful, all the pearly colors interplaying with each other. And I like anything yellow, so the lemons have zest appeal as well. As for eating these things – Philippe or the seagulls can have mine. I like grilled cheese sandwiches better. (Wouldn’t mind a pearl necklace.)

  2. Hahaha! Only you could get from seagull to oysters and make it make sense, Charlie! Great painting of the oysters, even though I’m not a huge fan of eating them. I agree with Sharon, though …..pearls are a whole different thing.

      1. Haha! That’s a quandary I should hope to never face, obviously 😉 I think I’d probably go with the accursed ice cream, actually. Now, though, you’ve just put the idea of oyster ice cream in my head. Yum.

  3. Hi Charlie – I love this picture! Would I be able to use it on a t-shirt (not for sale / distribution) for me and a couple close friends? I’d be happy to provide more details if needed, but wanted to OK it with you first!

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