Today’s prompt of “bumpy” could really refer to a million things. Looking around me today and searching for inspiration, I realized that very few things are perfectly smooth. There’s alway a little lump or curve here or there. Some bit of imperfection to make a thing just that much more interesting. That’s often how I like to think of myself, by the way, when I look in the mirror each morning. So, I focused on looking for just notable bumps in things and landed on this bulb of garlic. It’s amazing how little I know of things until I really focus on observing them and trying to paint them. The strange way the light reflects and the little lines that I don’t quite remember being there before. It’s all such a magical experience. I think that’s why I got so excited and wanted to bring to world together to paint with me! It’s just so much fun and if you’re reading this now and haven’t jumped in yet to try it, please stop, and do so immediately!

For those of you courageous people who logged into Doodlewash to join the first beta stages of our community here, if you have any troubles, please just send me a note and let me know. Some of you signed in before I moved to social login and might have experienced a screen asking you to sign into your account first. If you happened to have one, this was fine, but if you didn’t you could experience problems logging in via Facebook. This should now be fixed. For those wondering what all this is about, we’re currently in the first step of creating profiles right here on Doodlewash where you can even upload your own images. Here’s an example from our own lovely Jessica Seacrest. Yep, it’s your own little corner of Doodlewash to share your own art. The profile is a little lacking so I’ll be adding more fields to fill out in the future. And lots more is coming, of course, but it’s all about baby steps when you’re an illustrator, not a programmer.

As ever, despite all the challenges, I’m just so tickled and excited about all the possibilities! I figure the only way to succeed in life is to simply have a willingness and courage to try something new. It’s never possible to know everything that will happen, and so just jumping in with both feet and a lot of passion is always the best first step for just about anything. It’s the same way I approached watercolor back in July of 2015. I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing, and some days, I’m still not entirely sure. But I just keep right on making the time to do it, and it’s been fun to see the little improvements each day. That’s how everything new begins. Lots of little mistakes and problems, that soon get sorted out with just a lot of commitment and practice. And yep, I still rarely take more than an hour a day to make these little illustrations. I figure everyone can find at least that much time to paint each day, even when things gets bumpy.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Opera Rose, Dioxazine Purple, Gamboge, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al-Star Fountain Pen – Extra Fine, with Platinum Carbon with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
Day 22 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - Bumpy Purple Garlic Cloves - #doodlewash

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11 thoughts on “When Things Get Bumpy

  1. Your watercolor is lovely Charlie you can make simple things beautiful! 😉 I was reading your post what a cool idea to create an insider group here on doodlewash I was able to login via WordPress and I have my prifile now! 🙂 some of you have a friend’s request from me! 😉 <3

    1. Yay! And now we’re friends here on Doodlewash too! hehe… of course, we always were, but now it’s just a little more official! Your cover image looks gorgeous!! Try clicking the Media link and uploaded some of your art into your profile when you can! 😉

    1. Aww thanks, Laura! 😃💕 I so appreciate hearing that. It can get a little discouraging trying something this crazy and figuring it all out. But it’s fun, and I’m excited for the future! If you have any trouble logging in and setting up your profile, please send me a note in my contact form. I need all the feedback and help I can get! hehe

  2. Beautiful and delicate doodlewash. And wonderful developments to the site, too – the account feature is genius, and I’m sure will really come into its own when July arrives. It’s really incredible to think how Doodlewash has evolved since I happened across that windmill (and I thought you were doing pretty well then!!) Kudos to you, Charlie, for your tireless efforts! If there’s anything else about it that you’d like me to try and test/break, let me know.

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s been quite a journey over these past couple short years. Lots of incredible things happening! And yes to testing! Yay! I have no idea what I’m doing actually, but somehow things seems to be roughly working. If you can, click the Media icon in your profile and from there you can upload your art! If you could try adding some images that would be great!

      1. Fortunately I have the perfect piece to use for such a test 😉 I had a play with uploading/deleting image and video, and making albums, and I’m happy to report that all seems to be working there! Good-o!

        1. Yay! That’s so good to hear! 😃💕 hehe… I honestly don’t know quite what I’m doing when it comes to all of this. I’m much better with a brush, but I think I can figure it all out. Hehe… and I saw that pic! I don’t know which was a better gift… that or the zonkey. 😉

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