For Day 30 of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Feathered,” I sketched a pair of birds in a tree. When I first started sketching stuff, I would often sketch birds as I find them very beautiful and there are so many different varieties. Also, they are way more challenging to draw than they seem, so it’s always good practice. And if you’re painting along with me this month, then some of you are already on the last day of World Watercolor Month while others, like me, have just one precious day left. I’ll take a quick moment to remind anyone who might be interested in supporting our charitable cause for arts education, the store will close on the morning of August 1st (100% of proceeds goes to the International Child Art Foundation)! So there’s only a little over 30 hours left to shop before it disappears! Thanks to everyone for your support! It’s amazing what we can do when we come together to paint, create, and share. I adore this month most of all, and I hope you’ve been enjoying it too!

For those who read my posts regularly, you might have guessed at just how fast I’m typing right now. It’s of course, Friday once more which means it’s pizza night! My inner child is shivering with anticipation and so giddy that it’s rather hard to focus. That said, sketching birds today was strangely easy, because I was just letting that joy lead my pen and brush. Though I try to do this all of the time, much of the time I tend to overthink things a bit with silly adult brain. The moment I start to worry over proper proportions and the like is the moment my sketch takes a turn for the worse. In the first few scribbles I made today, I realized that was happening, so I just started over on a fresh page. I have several of these “practice pages” in my sketchbooks where I’ve done this, and then I go back and doodle something else entirely over the top later.

And with just one little day left in the most incredible month for watercolor of the year, I feel energized. It’s been thrilling, and sometimes a bit exhausting making sure that everything goes smoothly, but it’s totally worth it. I can’t imagine anything better than coming together as a global community and celebrating each other in such a beautiful way. So tonight, I’m going to relax a bit and go offline while my inner child and I totally devour some pizza together. Also yes, our dog Phineas will be there glaring at Philippe and I the entire time when we refuse to share. I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend ahead, filled with tons of fun and creativity. I’ll be with you through the end of the month and will be here to kick off our next challenge on Sunday. Then, I’ll be back to at least weekly, but more sporadic posting while I focus on some new big projects I’m working on next. Exciting things are brewing so keep checking this space, as I do adore these moments when we’re together.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.:  Quinacridone Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Terra Cotta, Leaf Green, Cobalt Turquoise, and Phthalo Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash?  Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
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13 thoughts on “When We’re Together

  1. Thanks for joining us with your doodles and post this month, Charlie, your ramblings always make me smile! I look forward to heating about your next fun adventure and thanks for the wonderful community you created here!

  2. Well Charlie, sniff, I will miss your daily missives and sketches, sniff. I look forward to seeing you when you do make an appearance. Enjoy your pizza — fried rice, red pepper, baby choy, and garlic for dins over here.

    1. Thanks, Linda. Looking back, I can now see little tale tell signs that something was coming. I think I just slept crooked and then did laundry, which pushed it over the edge. I am much better, thank God. Thanks for your kind words. 💜 Our Charlie is off once again and I will not only miss him on the daily, but the other friends that come with knowing him and come together and reunite for a very short month of wonderfulness. You be safe, Linda. This variant is playing for keeps. Warm hugs to you. 💜💜💜

      1. Marisela I think the Covid thing will come to be like TB and polio.They surface once in awhile and are taken care of right away. It might even be like the annual flu shot. While you work your daily art and other things think of all the others doing theirs and know that you never walk alone.

  3. Charlie, imagine please that I wrap my arms around you (you’re tall, I’m short so maybe at your waist) and hug you while trying to not cry. You have really become a sweet friend that I look forward to talking with every day. I know that you’re not moving to the Moon, but it feels like you are. We all love you and we want you to succeed and accomplish all that you have set as a goal for yourself. We’ll be here, waiting for you, with open arms, always happy to have you back. 💜
    Today was one of those days that leaves you scratching your head and reminded me too vividly of how pain and life can suddenly send everything spiralling out of scary control. I ended up in the emergency clinic in blinding pain that came out of nowhere. Too stark of a reminder of all of the pain that I have already been through. I felt that I was being sucked back into that hurricane of chaos and pain again, which was stressful and very upsetting. We spent almost 6 hours there and it was a muscle strain on my lower back. And what a muscle strain! Where it came from and how, who knows? I am thankful that it wasn’t something worse. So, I could’ve used a good hug today. And maybe some pizza. haha haha
    Charlie, your birds are so beautiful! I love Bluejays! Just so lovely! Enjoy your weekend. BY THE WAY, how do they say “weekend” in French? Is it true that it’s “le weekend”?? That doesn’t seem right. 😀😀😀

    1. I’m sending you the biggest hug ever my friend! 😃💕 I’m so sorry to hear that, but so happy to hear that it wasn’t something worse. 😘Oh, and pizza helps with just about everything I’ve found! haha As for the French version, it can be “fin de semaine” but they usually just use the English and say yep, “le weekend!” 😉

    2. Marisella see a chiropractor and always always bend your knees and do a pelvic tilt (stick it out) before bending. And always bend your knees before lifting. Strain doesn’t always hurt when you do it and it can catch you later. Take care and see a c hiropractor once a month for sure for maintenance.

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Happy Happy Pizza Night! And though am sad that I’ll miss your daily posts, I am quite stubborn about looking for a silver lining to every cloud and mine is that you’ll be there weekly – better than once a month or even less. So am gonna look out for you every week. 🙂 But like Marisela has said, everyone here loves you and wants to see you achieve your dreams so we understand you not posting often. Many hugs for each day that we wont see you.


    1. Thank so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 That’s so sweet of you to say! Yes, the daily posts take pretty much all my free time, so I have to curb those when I’m working on something new. Which lately seems to be all of the time… hehe… but it’s so fun to DO! Hugs to you my friend and hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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