When I was a kid, I would spend many days in the summer on my grandparent’s farm. The days would often be so hot and bright that everything was almost burnished to a pure white in the glaring sun. The only thing you could sometimes spot were the various wild flowers growing alongside the gravel road. It was all very different from the manicured lawns and carefully placed flowers of the suburbs that I lived in. These flowers were dotted along the landscape at irregular intervals, and yet, seemed perfectly in place. Nature’s landscaping. I would pick a few and take them back to the farm house with me. A souvenir of found treasures plunked into a glass jar for safe keeping. My grandmother had names for all of them. Names that didn’t come out of books, but were passed down through the generations, including some that couldn’t even be repeated in polite company today. She’s no longer with us, but each time I see a collection of wild flowers I still think of her to this day.

It’s funny that sometimes the memories we attach to people are not always the obvious ones. My grandmother was far more known for her quilting and I still have cherished blankets that she spent days carefully crafting. This would be a more expected thing to associate, but many of those little squares of recycled fabric also contained flowers. From her perfume to the soaps she kept in the house, the soft, sweet and earthy smell of flowers were a constant. Beyond that, I remember the intangibles most. Her incredible sense of humor that seemed almost too modern in its uncanny wit and observational insight. She was my mentor growing up, teaching me things that I mostly took for granted at the time. In fact, I think it wasn’t until after she was gone that I realized the void. The missing bits of wisdom that I’d come to love so much. Though I was there, holding her hand and singing to her while she was in hospital on a few occasions, I was out of the state when she died and unable to return in time to attend her funeral.

There are times in life when we have regrets, those tedious moments that we can’t go back and change. I wish I’d spent more time with her in those final days. I was so busy and traveling too much that I could barely spend time with myself. Though I never missed being there for her birthday each year, I often missed many of the times in between. Life would intercede and demand so much of me, making each moment an unbearable choice. These days, I’ve learned to take life in a bit more moderation and focus on things that truly matter most. While it’s entirely too late to apply this knowledge to my past, it’s certainly comforting to know I’m heading into a wonderful future. Perhaps that’s why I tend to focus on bits of life that are often taken for granted. Ridiculously simple memories that might be lost if not captured and shared. Moments that often aren’t thrilling enough to demand a memory, but always demand a place in our hearts. I’ve not been to that old farm in years, but I’ll always have the fondest of memories, and continually long for those magical days spent where the wild flowers grow.

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41 thoughts on “Where The Wild Flowers Grow

  1. You’re the master of class, and even though you don’t care for painting flowers you do a fantastic job. Your ramble was very close to me today, as I’ve been going through all of my father’s WWII papers this last week. It’s been over 36 years since he passed away, but I found myself close to tears a time or two. A lot more smiles though, remembering the wonderful days with him.

  2. Oh Charlie…. Your Grandma would be so proud of you…. and I’m guessing she totally understood. I’m glad you have such beautiful, fun memories. Grandmas are the best. I had the greatest – sorry! 🙂 I’m hoping to be one of the best too!

      1. Aww. I wish I could share more but my family doesn’t like me to post personal things so I have to respect that. But. Btw. My second granddaughter is on the way come July! 👍💕

  3. What a wonderful story Charlie. Sweet and sad at the same time. Yes, those memories are precious and the time spent with our loved ones are never regretted. Thank you for the lovely reflections of your grandmother. Love the painting!

  4. I have fond memories of my grandma too. One of the things I miss the most since she passed was the way she said my name when I called her on the phone. Always with such enthusiasm. And she was always interested in me. Thank you Charlie for helping me remember. And your flowers are lovely in your painting! 🌸🌼🌷

  5. This is a loving, poignant memory your grandmother, and the flowers a perfect way of remembering her. We all have regrets about the things we didn’t do, but you must remember all the things you did that made your grandmother so happy to share her life with you.

  6. My favorite painting you have done! And your memory of your grandmother is so sweet. I by a particular kind of hand salve because my grandma always kept a tin of it on her dresser and it reminds me of her.

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