Just popping in with a little sketch inspired by today’s prompt of “Wooden Toys.” I thought the little mouse character I’ve been sketching these last few days for my next book might enjoy a ride in a wooden toy plane. I’ve no idea what powers a wooden airplane, but I imagine it must be fueled by a vivid imagination and heaps of hope! This is pretty much what keeps me sketching each day. And, yes, I’m still sketching stuff every single day, even during my daily posting break. These days, it’s a lot of one mouse at a ridiculous number of angles as I try to work on character design. Though, I’ve also made a few pages of other animals to mix things up a bit. And, it’s been so ridiculously cold here that I’ve just been hiding indoors and watching the snow fall. It’s really quite lovely, but if there was actually such a thing as “warm snow” that would be even more amazing. All the lovely visual appeal without the danger of frostbite.

Our dog Phineas has been a champ these past couple of weeks as he suits up in a sweater, coat and boots to do his business. Not that he’s starting a new company of some kind, of course, but it just sounds a touch nicer than saying poop. What’s funny, is that as cold as he gets, when he runs back inside his tail is actually wagging, which he never lets happen. He’s just so darn proud of himself and our reaction of cheers and applause is no doubt to blame for this behavior. But truly, if any being manages to poop in sub-zero temperatures, I think they certainly deserve applause. I don’t think I’d be able to do it. Thankfully, it’s nice and cozy warm inside. And, that means more time to sketch and work on my book. It’s been fun to see little creatures come to life from my imagination. I honestly didn’t realize those little characters were all waiting in there. It’s been hours full of wonder and fun that have made my inner child quite happy.

In other news, I did a video interview with the fine folks at WordPress.com where Doodlewash is hosted a few months ago, and it just went live today, so if you’d like to watch me ramble, feel free to check it out! I rarely appear on video as I far prefer audio since it doesn’t make my face look so fat. But, it’s always fun to talk about this lovely community and all the fun stuff we DO here! And truly, it reminds me of how far I’ve come, even though some days it feels like I have so many more mountains to climb before I get to where I’d like to be with my art. And Philippe, for his part, has been very sweet as I rush over to him and share pages of my new characters in progress. I promise to share bits of what I have done later on, but right now I’m just focusing on the process. It’s been a wild ride over these past few years and even as I change things up once again, I’m just as excited as when I first started. Some days it feels like nothing wonderful happened, or indeed, some rather clunky sketches appeared on paper.  Then, there’s that one day where I find myself flying through the clouds, and that’s the day that makes my heart soar as I continue to travel on a whimsical journey.

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Mouse Flying Wooden Toy Airplane Watercolor Illustration

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26 thoughts on “A Whimsical Journey

  1. Hey Charlie! Advice from a fellow writer — share your pages AFTER your book is published, not before.

    About pooping in sub zero temps. My grandfather had an outhouse and no bathroom in the house. This was in the 40s. He was fine with that until my father, his son in law, convinced him to “do it for the old lady.” ohright, ohright, he said in his broken English, but I won’t use it., He didn’t. Not until the temps threatened to freeze his innards let alone his bottom. Then he decided just this one time. After that he decided an indoor outhouse is a good idea. I should add that at one time they moved the outhouse and he forgot and fell in. When he stood on the porch stark naked his neighbour had lots of jokes to say (who’s that naked guy on the porch? Dunno, maybe the old lady had someone here (ya right Grampa).

    Not part of the story but my other grandfather, who had a bathroom in his house, unbelievably shared a birthday — Feb 17! — with the grampa of the outhouse. I do not know how that happened. Different year yes.

    Phineas is undoubtedly shaking the ice off his tail. He emailed and told me.

    Carry on Charlie. Great to see you post.

    1. Thanks so much!! 😃💕 Yeah, I’ll be waiting until after I publish to share bits of my journey. The book is unusual, so I don’t want to give too much of the surprise away. Hehe And the outhouse story is awesome!! I love that!! How fun!!

  2. We just had our four days of snow and it’s well on its way to being melted. We never got sub-zero temps, just done to the high 20’s and have bounced back up to the high 40’s. That’s more than enough for me. I don’t know how the rest of you can stand all that snow – it’s claustrophobic!

    1. You mean that San Antonio was colder than you guys? We are like Phineas, we are freezing our booty off! ERCOT blew it and millions are without power and some without water. Thank goodness for snow to melt! We have not been affected like that, thank the Lord, but many in San Antonio are suffering right now. The last time that we got snow like this, was in 1985! We don’t “do” Winter. We were 80*F the day before Winter came to visit The Alamo. More snow tonight and tomorrow. AM I STILL IN TEXAS?
      Stay warm and be safe! I agree– in one week of snow and frigid temperatures, I have cabin fever!

  3. This mouse is just way cute and has such a wonderful, confident, joyful attitude!! Phineas just might be shaking the ice off his tail. I have memories of the outhouse on my grandparent’s farm and I will be forever thankful for modern plumbing…brrrr.

  4. Wow! The wee-wee pad is a miracle invention you guys! Phineas is a trooper!
    I m loving the mousie on the wing, he also is a daredevil, just like my hero Mighty Mouse. I think I agree with your other writers-get it bound and boxed before you give us a preview! I feel a lot of joy in your character and your post! It’s really exciting and I’m going to check out the interview.🤗

  5. Hola, Charlie! My reply keeps disappearing. 😀 Super cute painting! Maybe his wood plane is running on methane gas! Poop gases! haha haha 😂 Boy, there is a lot of poop talk this posting. Poor Phineas. You’re right. Imagine having to wear doggie clothes over your fur coat and then having to poop outside in freezing temperatures? Poor thing! Cheering and applauding for him reminded me of my Monster. I used to cheer for him, too. My mother would roll her eyes and shake her head. 😀 More snow for tonight and tomorrow, Charlie. Am I still in Texas?

  6. Un bonjour de France, où chez moi en haut de la France, la neige vient de fondre – et plus 10° très rapidement, ont fait fondre la glace des étangs – je viens de vous voir sur la vidéo, vous parlez un peu trop vite pour moi, et je ne comprends pas tout, mais c’est super bien, je vous imaginais comme sur la photo que nous avons ici, et non… tout change, comme vos dessins, et c’est normal et bien – à vous suivre encore – mes amitiés Cathy

  7. Well, this was our first day with power. We’ve been without since Monday because of our snow and freezing rain storm. Living like a bunch of vagabonds bundled up. No heat source, evenings with lanterns and flashlights. Luckily we have had hot water thanks to natural gas(boo to those folks who want ot do away with it :< ) My in-laws brought over a campstove we had a tiny bit of heat when I cooked. The warmest it got in the house was a balmy 59. They took most of the freezer food and our fridge food went in coolers with bags of snow. Our heater we ordered last weekend from Amazon arrived last night. We didn't have mail for 6 days. On the happy side, I was able to do a lot of sketching and painting! It's been an adventure I hope to never experience again. Good to see your work again…..so darling!

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Oh wow! I’m so happy to hear that your power came back!! That’s truly a vagabond lifestyle… and so glad you made it through. Extra time to sketch and paint is always an awesome thing to have though indeed!

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