For our prompt of “Wildlife” today, the first thing that came mind was a little chipmunk. One dashed in front of me as I was walking home yesterday and it was the cutest little thing. The chipmunk didn’t even seem to notice me, and after stopping briefly, it shot off in another direction as though it were going to be late for something. I imagined it must be heading to a party of some kind. Perhaps his own birthday party held by his friends. This is always a touch embarrassing, of course, but one doesn’t want to be late for an event that’s held entirely in one’s honor. It was actually supposed to be a surprise party, but as it turns out, surprising  a chipmunk is incredibly difficult. Between their constant curiosity and amazing sense of smell, trying to bake a cake in any sort of true secrecy it’s always a fool’s errand. But, in my mind, the little chipmunk arrived promptly and had a wonderful time with friends. Indeed, I wasn’t able to follow and find out what actually happened next, but however the party went down one thing is certain. It was definitely wild.

I imagine there were plenty of fun presents, after the initial embarrassment wore off, and then it was just time to play. Okay, I may be projecting a little bit here, since that’s how I feel about such parties. I never like to be the center of attention, and I’m just happier to see my friends and want to get on with fun bit of catching up with them. If it’s a large party, then forming small groups is definitely required as conversations with any more than five people scramble my brain. This year, I didn’t have a birthday party of any kind since it was at the beginning of a pandemic lockdown. I’m still not sure if next year will be any different, but it’s one of those milestone years, which is the only time I really bother to have a party anymore. Next April, I’ll turn 50 and for some reason that feels like something to celebrate. I’ve no idea about this fondness for round numbers, but dates like these always seem to warrant a bit of celebration.

This seems to be the way things happen as I get older. A one year anniversary was always something to celebrate when I was young, but now I’ve moved on to only celebrating decades or half decades with any sort of flair. At least when it comes to how long I’ve been living. For things like drawing and painting, I celebrate each and every day, of course! It always rather amazing when I’ve managed to create something new. I’ve been doing it daily now without fail for over five years, which is one of those half decade milestones, certainly worth celebrating. But, what really feels like celebrating is that I’ve formed the most fantastic habit. It’s one that produces a little surprise party each and every day. It’s my time to make a bit of time to focus on something I truly adore. And the very fact that even I don’t know when I go to sleep at night what will appear the next day makes it all rather exciting. A bit like a wild party.

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Chimpunks Having A Birthday Party Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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34 thoughts on “Wild Party

  1. Adorable Charlie! 50 years and over 5 years are something to celebrate. With any luck a safe vaccine will be available and affordable to enough people that we will all be able to celebrate at least on a very small scale. We can only hope. Meanwhile we will enjoy your chipmunk party!

  2. Such a sweet painting, Charlie! Your chipmunk story sounds like the Madhatter. “I ‘m late! I’m late!” 😋 You made laugh about celebrating decades and half decades. I don’t know about you, but it was such a kid thing to say, “I’m 12 and three-quarters.” haha haha I did that. 😋😋
    Next Tuesday, your friend here will turn 51. JLo is not the only one who can rock her 50’s. haha Last year, I really struggled with turning 50. Not for vanity reasons, well, maybe a little for vanity reasons. I got injured at 43 and my life came to a crashing halt like hitting a brick wall. So turning 50 did not make sense in my brain. I was like, “Wait, but I didn’t get to live my 40’s and now I am turning 50?” I had a really hard time. It was not until I heard a pastor talk about the Year of Jubilee. It happens every 50 years and God gives us back what we lost….including time lost to things like illness, injury, catastrophe. I was okay after that. Hey, JLo, this chubby Mexicana can rock 51, too! Like I told you, Charlie, I am facing FORWARD! Bring it, Lord!

  3. I love the chippies! We had a lot of them when I was very young, but we moved to Door County when I was 10 and I don’t remember seeing them anymore. We have them here, but not by the house. There are too many cats around I think. Too bad because they’re fun to watch.

    So I hope you can have a wonderful 50th birthday party! My 50th was loads of fun. Hard to believe a decade has already passed since then. Of course I find it hard to believe that the seasons pass so fast. I miss summer and its not even gone yet😁 !

  4. Fun doodle, Charlie. My wife and I are still waiting to celebrate our April birthdays. Our family have promised to take us out for a day at a local wildlife park and dinner at a restaurant after. I think it’ll be a while before that can happen though.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    I don’t like parties but I sure do want to attend the chipmunks’ party. It looks so much fun! And turning 50 must be such a unique experience! My Dad described it as starting life all over and doing the things he couldn’t do before. I hope its the same way – even better – for you. 🙂 And I too am fond of round numbers simply coz they were easier to calculate with. Finally I have a confession to make to you coz am feeling very guilty. The last week suddenly became very crazy and I didnt get down to painting at all for 3 days. 🙁 I hadnt missed a day since July but last night when I painted again, my sketch turned out not nice. Now I feel miserable. 🙁


    1. Thanks, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, this is about as much party as I like. And I hope turning 50 means those latent dreams will all come true. And don’t worry for a moment about a sketch not turning out like you hoped… that’s what the next sketch is for! My confession? I think sometimes I always sketch daily so I’ll have at least one I love each week. hehe… When I started it was more like one every two weeks that turned out like I’d sort of hoped. hehe Then I remembered that I’m a horrible art critic when it comes to myself. Best to share with others and find out how wrong I was about my sketches. 😉

  6. This is great! Your first paragraph is half of a story just by itself. All you need is a few more illustrations and a bit of enlargement. How about some silly adventures for our boy while trying to get to his birthday party?

  7. Another fabulous painting and story..I am waiting for the book lol Also I am happy for your journey of sketching daily for 5 years…I try to get something in each least a tangle or two..just makes life a little better each day no matter what you are going through! Thanks for inspiration!😊

  8. I imagine these little guys are celebrating when everyone can return to their jobs. Then this little guys can have free range of their homes without running into humans. Haha. Such a fun little sketch! Add to COVID, nightly protests and now our state is on fire. It is the worse they have ever seen. So many towns being evacuated and devastated. Pray for rain! It’s supposed to be here Monday.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Oh yes! I’m sure all the animals will have a big party when the humans go back to the office! Yeah, everything is such a state of turmoil now. But rain!! Surely that’s something we can all make happen. Here’s to rain by Monday if not sooner!

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