Will You Be My Valentine?

Two Love Birds Hearts On Branch Watercolor Illustration

For our prompt of “Heart” today, I’m wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day with this little sketch of a couple of love birds. Though as adults, this day seems to end up being mostly about romantic love, there was a time when I was young that it was actually just a fun day to celebrate friends. I remember loving this day because I was able to create a fabulous box to hold all of the Valentine cards that I would receive from the other kids in class. I didn’t just make a box with hearts on it, I would create something ridiculously elaborate. For example, one year I made a box that looked like a Pac-Man arcade game, complete with a screen and joystick! You couldn’t actually play the game, but I was quite proud of that one. It was fun to get little cards from others, even when we weren’t really considered friends the rest of the year. And, it was often awkward getting a card from someone I had a little crush on at the time. That’s why I think that celebrating friendship is the best way to celebrate this day!

Philippe and I don’t do anything special on this particular day, having tried going out to a restaurant years ago only to find it a crowded and horrible experience. We made a pact on that night that if we ever wanted to truly celebrate our love together, that would include doing only the things we actually loved. As a couple of introverts, this means avoiding large crowds entirely. Indeed, though we’ve been together for over a decade now, we still seem to enjoy each other’s company each day. And, while we do spend occasional time with our closest friends, we spend the bulk of our time in our own little world. As an adult, I haven’t given little Valentine’s Day cards to friends, or made an elaborate box to store the ones I receive from them. Since I don’t ever receive any cards anymore, it would be a rather futile endeavor. That said, I have considered making one of those boxes, just for the fun of it. It’s really the only part I miss from when I was a kid.

Though, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like this post to be a special Valentine’s card that I’m sending to you! Thank you for being a friend of mine and reading my little rambles and viewing my sketches. If we were school kids again, I’d have printed this little image out and written something a kid might say like, “Hope your day is epic!” or “Hope you get lots treats!” While this doesn’t seem very adult, I really do wish those things for you, because that sounds perfectly awesome! Who doesn’t want an epic day filled with treats? Though, what I truly hope is that you’ll reach out to others and spread the love. We can all use a little more love in this increasingly wild and unpredictable world that we inhabit. Indeed, for all this day has become, it’s still just about a simple act of telling someone that you care. So, with lots of love, on this beautiful day of hopeful hearts, I’m asking the simplest question one can when they care about others: “Will you be my Valentine?”

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Two Love Birds Hearts On Branch Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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  1. ANGELA D BROWN 1 month ago

    Love it.

  2. TextileRanger 1 month ago

    Charlie, I appreciate how you are always positive. Even when bad things are going on in the world, I know I can pop in here for a moment of kindness and creativity. 🙂

  3. Mary Roff 1 month ago

    Happy Valentine;s Day, Charlie!!!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 I hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!!

  4. Linda 1 month ago

    Charlie you ARE a valentine. Keep being Charlie and Happy Valentine’s.

  5. Marisela Delgado 1 month ago

    You are the sweetest. Your post made me tear up. I love you, Charlie. Maybe you find that odd since we have never met, but you are truly special and it shines through your beautiful words to reveal the most loving heart. You are my Valentine year round, Charlie. I’m so blessed to know you. 💜💜💜

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      Thank you, mi amiga! You’re so sweet!! It’s an honor to be your friend! 😃💕 Sending you hugs and much love! ❤️

  6. Brenda Sommerville 1 month ago

    Happy Valentines Day 💝

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      Thanks so much, Brenda! 😃💕 Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  7. Gary Middleton 1 month ago

    Great doodle, Charlie. Happy valentines day.

  8. Sandra Strait 1 month ago

    Thank you for the Valentine! We spent the day at the beach, and the day started with a golden sunrise that sparked off the waves, promising a magical day. While it was cold, the sun shone all day, and the waves were wild and majestic. The day ended with a sunset in oranges, reds and glowing blues. The ocean sang to us all through the day and the night. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Valentine’s day.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      Aww that sounds like an absolutely beautiful Valentine’s Day indeed, Sandra! So, lovely! 😃💕

  9. Mugdha 1 month ago

    Hello Charlie,

    I would love to be your Valentine if you promise to be mine! 🥰 I love the Doodlewash and the fact that you made a box each year to hold cards. I too used to make cards and little hearts for lots of people. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂 And I love that you and Phillipe enjoy each other’s company more than anything else. May that love always grow boundlessly.❤ I’ve spent Valentine’s day in bed with a viral fever… am still recovering but much better. I hope by next Tuesday, I’ll be back to my normal self. Big hug to you,


    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      I definitely promise to be yours, Mugdha! 😃💕 So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well… I hope you get better very soon. It always feels like it takes ages to fully recover from that, but you’ll be back to your normal self in no time. Sending you hugs and much love! ❤️

  10. Zoie McIntyre 1 month ago

    I know its a day later, but imagine there is a little valentine in your box with a cute friendly dragon wrapped around a heart which says simply “will you be my valentine”. If you really try hard you will see the big smile on my face when I received my little greeting from you 🙂 . I remember counting all my cards and looking through them again and again.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      Aww that sounds like a wonderful Valentine indeed, Zoie! 😃💕 Yeah, it was so fun to give and receive those little cards. I wish adults would do that, too! hehe

  11. Nellie Nellie 1 month ago

    Awwww Charlie, epic post bud! We shared soup with our parents and took Charlie Brown Valentines Special over for their veiwing pleasure💕❤ Mr Nellie and I feel the best gift is love, compassion, respect and joy that is unwrapped every day! After so many years we know there’s plenty to share. Thanks for sharing the joy, love and beauty of your lives with us!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

      Thanks so much! 😃💕 I think you and Mr. Nellie have just the right idea of things. Wonderful! ❤️

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