For our prompt of “Pyramid” today, my mind leapt to those famous ancient pyramids in Egypt. I wasn’t quite sure how to make them look interesting, so I imagined what it might be like if they were photobombed by a happy camel. I’ve never been to Egypt, nor have I ever ridden a camel, but I think both would be a rather fun adventure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still stands today. There’s a new list of wonders now for things are still standing and of that list I’ve only been to the Colosseum in Rome. I’ve no idea if I’ll end up being able to visit any of the others, but it’s lovely to imagine such a trip. There are so many fascinating things in our world combined with intriguing stories of the past. And, even if I don’t get to pay them all a visit, it’s always enjoyable to learn about the histories that came before us.

Philippe and I love watching documentaries of people and places from the past. Indeed, Philippe likes watching documentaries on any subject really, and is known for watching hour-long stories about a single kind of food. In truth, though there are many things that have been deemed amazing or incredible in the world, everything can be rather wondrous if you take the time to learn more. My own childlike wonder makes me excited about the simplest of things in life. Indeed, I’m now just craving a trip to the zoo to look at a camel again. When you’re someone who likes to make things from scratch, the world is an ever-intriguing place. There are little ideas for new things to create everywhere you look. If you’re a sketcher like me, then it’s almost daunting to think of all of the many things that have yet to be sketched. And just when I thought I’ve sketched everything on the planet, I’ll suddenly find myself in a place like today, where I’m sketching a camel for the very first time.

And though all seven of the new wonders of the world have been selected, I think the eighth wonder of the world will always be art itself. It’s amazing to me that we can recreate bits of life in just a bit of paint. Even the most realistic depictions are never just the world as we see it, but indeed the world as we feel it. The way the artist imagines that reality. Each painting tells a second story about the person who made it appear. This is why I adore art and seeing what other artists create. It’s like watching a documentary without words. Each little choice the artist makes adds more to story and reveals more about life than even life can tell us sometimes. The world is full of mysteries and many we will never riddle out in our lifetime. But, when we create, we get a glimpse of something that always feels like learning an ancient secret. Together, we share what we create with others and build a tapestry of insight that I think becomes even more priceless than all of the wonders of the world.

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28 thoughts on “Wonders Of The World

  1. I’ve had Petula Clark singing ‘See the pyramids along the nile …’ all day long because of this prompt. Good thing I like both, lol. We think alike – I had planned to do a camel for the prompt but time got the better of me! I hope your ankle is doing better!

  2. I made Joe cut my hair today. He just chopped off the ponytail. I’m not sure how it looks but it feels good so that’s a win. I probably look as happy as your camel. I love him.

  3. He He He, now that’s funny! Kinda looks like old Joe Camel from the ’80’s ad’s.
    Glad he is gone, but I like your camel! And the pyramids in the background.

  4. c’est un dessin que je dirais = humoristique, car il a une “étrange” tête comme pour les bandes dessinées, ou les dessins d’enfants – je vous préfère, dans plus classique – mais c’est, mignon

  5. Wow! This is great! Nothing comes to mind, so memories to share. Lol, you really bring a lot of memories to the surface for me each day. That has to be some goodness for this old brain. Teehee. Happy Weekend!

  6. Hello Charlie,

    I hope your foot is better. 🙂 I love how you take seemingly obvious prompts and turn them into something so unpredictable. Who would’ve thought of a photobombing camel?! The camel looks thrilled at the opportunity.

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