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Join the largest Watercolor Group in the world! Just use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorGroup when you post your watercolor art online – Click Here To View The Full Social Watercolor Gallery!

Welcome! We’re a diverse collection of artists from around the world who share one awesome thing in common – a love for painting with watercolor! Does this sound like you? Cool! Join us! Just tag any art that features watercolors with #WorldWatercolorGroup and join the global celebration!

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Join the Adventure!

Each month, Doodlewash provides a new art challenge and if you’d like to join in, you’ll find the latest one by clicking here! Challenges are entirely optional, and you’re free to jump in and out at any point or opt out entirely and paint whatever moves you! Seriously, it’s your call… rules aren’t fun! But, you definitely won’t want to miss World Watercolor Month™ and take the ultimate challenge of 31 watercolors in 31 days, which is a global charitable event that takes place every July!

About The Group

This group was created during the first annual World Watercolor Month in July 2016. After coming together and making so many new art friends, we decided as a community to keep on painting forward as World Watercolor Group! We don’t like a lot of “rules” in art so you’ll find a wide variety of styles and unique uses of watercolor in this group. Rather than “don’ts” we instead follow the “DO’s” of Doodlewash which you can find in the Manifesto by clicking here. All skill levels are welcome, even if you’re just starting out! And all types of watercolor painters are welcome including plein air painters, urban sketchers, studio artists, illustrators, abstract artists, and any other kind of artist you’d like to be, as long as watercolor is part of the mix!

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