Day 10 - World Watercolor Month - Cider Bottle In the Sand - Doodlewash

World Watercolor Month – Day 10 – A Bottle In The Sand

As many of you know well by now, I live nowhere near a proper beach, but I was curious to see what memories today’s prompt of “beach days” would bring back to me. Apparently, the first memory was of some kind of hopefully cold drink, half-buried in the sand. This one is from a free photo reference and I chose it mostly because I was fascinated by how a lemon mysteriously managed to get inside. Like those ships in a bottle that hobbyists somehow manage to build. After staring at it closely for way too long, I suddenly realized I needed to sketch and paint something quickly for today and so I just made a little doodlewash of it. I’ve no idea what kind of drink this is, I just rather liked the color. And I do hope that all of you are enjoying the first part of World Watercolor Month and feeling inspired by all the amazing watercolors being created! Please remember, and remind your friends as well, that the daily challenge is optional. Everyone on the planet is invited to join us by adding the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth whenever you post your watercolors or posts about the official event online and join the incredible global gallery we’re creating together! 

I’m so thrilled to see so many artists and companies celebrating World Watercolor Month, but I’m also quite aware that a great idea can easily just become a promotional tool. I founded and created this month as a way to promote the idea of artists inspiring each other around the world and to create awareness for arts education and the need of getting art supplies for underprivileged kids who need them. This is still the heart of the event, and I hope each of you reading this will help me spread the word of the charitable aspects of this month by encouraging people to make a donation to The Dreaming Zebra foundation in honor of World Watercolor Month! My sincere hope is, and has always been, to bring ALL of us together, artists and companies alike, into a single amazing force that can make a difference in the world! Yeah, that’s a pretty big dream, but so are the dreams of many children in the world who will hopefully one day become our future artists. Making new amazing things each day, like you, and sharing their love of art with world to see!

Thanks so much to each of you who have supported the cause and I’m giving you a big virtual hug right now. I’m sincerely hoping that we can build the most amazing gallery and social force in the world to make a true difference on this big little green planet we live on. Sure, it’s just the little dream of one little guy who got super excited by the magic of watercolor only a couple years ago, but he’s also a super nice guy who really needs your support. Again, I can’t do this alone, I need all of you to continue to promote the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth and to spread the word about supporting The Dreaming Zebra Foundation! But wait, you didn’t think that I don’t also have something to give back to you today, did you? Of course, I do! Today, I’m giving the first 5 artists who haven’t yet received one, a Hahnemühle Cézanne mould-made, 300gsm, Cold-Press, 9.44″x12.59″, 10 sheet block, simply by letting me know you want one by adding “Let’s all help our future artists!” to your comment below on! It’s such an important message to send. The kind you might find waiting for you, when happening upon a bottle in the sand.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors: Azo Yellow, Azo Orange, Pyrrol Red, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue and Neutral Tint. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 10 - World Watercolor Month - Cider Bottle In the Sand - Doodlewash

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41 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month – Day 10 – A Bottle In The Sand

  1. “Let’s all help our future artists!” I love ships in bottles and I love your daily paintings. Great inspiration! Thanks.

  2. Let’s all help our future artists! I agree that it’s such an important message to send, and think that all Doodlewash is doing to support arts education and underprivileged kids is truly great. Lovely rendering of glass and colours as usual!

  3. Hi, Charlie,
    I so look forward to reading your posts and your inspiring messages at the end of my day. Thank you for all that you do to maintain Doodlewash. Let’s all help our future artists!” Warmly, Wendy

    1. That’s such a wonderful thing to hear! Some days it’s tough to squeeze in time to make an illustration and a post, so I’m thrilled to know you enjoy them each day! Yay!! 😃💕 And, I’ll have Hahnemühle send you a sample!

  4. Let’s all help our future artists! It’s wonderful that World Watercolor Month can help us do some good in the world, in addition to being so much fun! Thanks, Charlie!

    1. Awww I love hearing that, Tamiko! Glad you’re enjoying the Doodlewash community! Soooo true! hehe… it’s quite a gallery we’ve created here together on this site!😃💕 (And I’m out of Hahnemühle samples for today, but I’m giving them out every Monday in July, so stay tuned if you’d like one!)

    1. I don’t think we can ever say that enough!! hehe And thanks on the color! 😃💕I made it out of nearly ever color I was using… lol… couldn’t quite figure it out, so I’m happy you liked the result!

    1. Yay to that, Alicia! 😃💕 hehe… is it rum?? I haven’t a clue what I painted! lol😊 (And I’m out of Hahnemühle samples for today, but I’m giving them out every Monday in July, so stay tuned if you’d like one!)

  5. Love the red bottle in the sand – I’ve live most of my life near beaches – New Jersey, which is such a tiny state that you’re only hours from a beach, Hawaii, and now California. So beaches have always been part of my life even though I’m a lousy swimmer. But I love to splash at the edge of the water and as a kid was always keeping an eye out for the special trreats found only at the sea shore – glass floats from fishing vessels, sea glass, sea shells, and the bottle with a message in it. Found various parts of everything but never found a bottle with a message. Maybe this is the one, telling me to drink up, it’s hot out here!

    1. Hehe! Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 Yeah, that’s probably the message with this one. And I’m soooo jealous that you’ve always lived close to a shore. I’ve always thought that would be amazing. I’m not a great swimmer either, but I can stay afloat well, so I figure that enough to get the job done! lol

  6. there’s another reason for everyone to Lets All Help Our Future Artists!!! . I did help and yesterday I received the neatest thank you note from them, all colorful with gobs of cute stickers on it and a wonderful handwritten note. I’m thinking of sending another donation just to get another card!

    1. hehe! YAY!!! I know right?? Isn’t that the coolest!! Such a wonderful organization. Thanks so much for supporting Dreaming Zebra, Kaye! 😃💕 (And I’m out of Hahnemühle samples for today, but I’m giving them out every Monday in July, so stay tuned if you’d like one!)

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