Day 11 - World Watercolor Month - Summer Views Melting Ice Cream Cone - Doodlewash

World Watercolor Month – Day 11 – Summer Views

Staying with this year’s prompts, I began to think about my “summer views.” Truthfully, my view of summer is that it’s entirely too hot here and should come with a warning label. The one thing that makes it all a bit better is the occasional bit of soft serve vanilla ice cream served in a cake cone. This has been my favorite since childhood and is still my first choice today. An ice cream cone, of course, if eaten outdoors, can quickly become a bit of a mess. The ice cream starts to melt almost immediately starting a furious and fast licking race to keep it from sliding down onto one’s hand. There are many different styles of licking this creates, from the “twist-and-lick” method to the aggressive “vacuum method” where folks inhale it in a massive vertical sucking motion. Though impressive, this seems to make the experience go by far too quickly. You’ll find me, instead, ducking indoors to finish my treat and enjoying it in a much slower fashion. I’m not entirely sure how I ended up on this tangent, but for those of you facing the summer heat, I definitely recommend staying cool with a bit of ice cream!

I’m actually laying off the desserts for awhile, which is precisely what makes me end up wanting to paint them more often. I don’t know whether it’s therapy or some odd form of masochism, but I do love painting them and it still feels like a treat. Obviously, one can’t have dessert all the time, can they? If they can, please tell me, because I’m totally in for that. Instead, I’m told that all these wonderful things should be done in moderation. This, however, is thankfully not true when it comes to watercolor and so I still happily make a little illustration each day. It’s now been over two years of daily doodlewashing for me which clocks in at just over 730 days. When I look at that number now, I’m rather flabbergasted that I’ve managed to make so many watercolor sketches. The “real” ones are trapped in a tower of sketchbooks in the corner, but the virtual ones are all happily hanging out here on Doodlewash. At this point, I often find myself searching my own site to see if I’ve painted something before, because I honestly can’t remember. But it’s nice to have an archive of everything I’ve done, right down to that first tree that started it all.

And I hope that each of you are enjoying the memories you are creating each and every day. For those attempting the ultimate challenge of 31 watercolors in 31 days, keep right on painting! It’s totally possible and quite addictive as I’ve proven. But, the ultimate goal is simply always to have as much fun as possible painting whatever it is you love most. That’s the secret to creating a daily painting habit that will become second nature and a necessary part of your life! It’s so rewarding, so as I always say, DO it! Today’s little painting and all of the ones this month so far were painted using the same little metal palette that appears next to the official logo for World Watercolor Month. This is a Joe Miller Travel Painter Palette with Brush, and I have 10 to give to folks today who haven’t yet requested one. Just let me know you want one by adding “Let’s Watercolor Each Day!” to your comments below on It’s a beautiful month of glorious watercolor painting and I hope that each and every one of you are enjoying the amazing summer views.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Gamboge, Azo Orange, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 11 - World Watercolor Month - Summer Views Melting Ice Cream Cone - Doodlewash

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61 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month – Day 11 – Summer Views

  1. Nice job on the ice cream – my favorite is the cone! Let’s Watercolor Each Day!” I think the CJ palette and brush is different than the nomad tin, isn’t it? If not, I think I may have a Nomad Tin coming already – hopefully you can look at your list and check.

  2. “Let’s watercolor each day.” Yes I am finding these prompts give me the excuse needed to get in the studio. I can leave my paints out now…there is reason…a world watercolor challenge…….I even got out the YUPO paper today and began playing with that for a change. What a fun site…so glad I found you all.

  3. Ice cream cone… If it was just me, I would buy ice cream cone in winters too 😀 Too bad that the ice cream shop are close in winters… And I have already won the palette, but still let’s watercolor each day! :3

    1. Thanks so much, Erin! 😃💕 My ways are fast and furious with a TON of daily practice. hehe… it’s the real secret. I may one day put together a tutorial, but I haven’t had time yet. And yay! I’ll have Cheap Joe’s send you a palette!

  4. The “vacuum method,” too funny! Thank you for being a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. Love the light-hearted essence of your posts!


    Let’s Watercolor Each Day! 😊

    1. That’s such a nice compliment! 😃💕 Thanks! Sometimes I rushing around and cursing the paper, but you thankfully can’t see any of that happening. Lol And I’m fresh out of samples today, but keep checking back!

  5. “Oh my goodness!” That’s exactly what I said when I opened this post – what a great ice cream cone painting this is. Reminded me we were supposed to have ice cream with our grandson who’s spending the night but we’re all too full from dinner. So this one will have to do. Vicarious ice cream cone – low calorie, just as yummy!

    And yes, let’s watercolor each day, even if I don’t win a freebie. Have fun, everyone!

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon!! 😃💕 But virtual ice cream just doesn’t match the real thing! hehe… that’s why I always look at the dessert menu first before eating dinner at a restaurant. One must prepare! Lol And yep, I’ll all out of samples today, but have more each day in July!

  6. Let’s watercolor each day! Except today I spent celebrating with my hubby, son, daughter-in-law and GRANDSON, whose adoption was finalized in court this morning! I did take lots of photos so that I may try to paint his smiling face someday!!!

    1. OH MY!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Virginia!! Yes…. that was All Caps and me shouting! What a fantastic event!!! Definitely take lots of photos… you have some amazing memories to paint ahead! 😃💕 (and I’m out of samples today, but you’ve already won the best prize a person can❤️)

  7. Love the dripping cone!…this heat is unreal 😖 it was 110 in our chicken coop I thought we were going to have fried chicken for lunch lol…I can’t wait for winter 😍

    Outstanding Doodlewash…as always!

    1. The heat is NUTS! I really don’t like it. I was not meant to live in a hot climate. hehe…. or I’m just a big wimp… but either way… I don’t like it! And glad you liked the doodlewash! Thanks, Nicole!!! 😃💕

  8. “Let’s Watercolor each day” ! ….and let’s have an ice cream cone each day in July too 😉. You gave me the little more to do it, take my pens and colours and find 10 minutes to do it. Keep up the good job ! Hello from Montreal….I’d love to win a palette, really !

    1. Aww yay!! Yes, Christiane!😃💕 DO is the Doodlewash motto… just one word! hehe Just takes a few minutes. And I’m out of palettes for today, but they’ll be back. Keep checking each post (and if you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to get posts in email on the sidebar of my site so you get them right away!)

  9. Wonderful ice cream cone, Charlie! Brings back many many happy memories. Did I miss the actual 2-year anniversary? Must have been earlier this week. What an inspiration you are – and here’s to many more delicious doodlewashes!

    1. Thanks so much, Ellie! 😃💕 hehe… I celebrated early with a slice of cake because I knew I’d be too busy to mention it once World Watercolor Month officially started. It’s actually on July 3rd, and was fun to pass the 2 year mark. My little 720 day project… yeah, not I realize why 100 day projects seem way more doable. I figure 31 watercolors should be a piece of cake! 😉

  10. Beautifully done. I like the heavy lean and the little drip – I can see that it’s all gonna come lumping down any second! What a mess. This unwelcome urgency was one of the reasons I stayed away from the stuff. 😛 It was bad enough here, I expect it’s even worse there!

    1. hehe… thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 (oh and I think I commented on your previous comment wrong and it just went in like a regular one so you might have missed it 😊) And I KNOW how much you love ice cream so I would be horribly disappointed if you missed this post. I almost put “dedicated to Jacob” but then it would make it sound like you were dead, so that wouldn’t do. Here’s to staying cool! (Oh, and I’m watching GLOW on Netflix about female wrestlers… have you seen it? Good show! hehe)

      1. Of course, you know me too well. While alive, I am a regular at the ice cream parlour… if protesting that it be closed down counts 😉 And nope, I don’t have Netflix so you’ll have to keep watching it on my behalf. I have heard good things!

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