Day 12 - World Watercolor Month - Frog On Lily Pad Golden Evenings - Doodlewash

World Watercolor Month – Day 12 – A Frog At Sunset

When viewing my entries for World Watercolor Month month, one would think I’m not following the prompts, which are, of course, totally optional. But, as you know, I view a prompt as simply the jumping off point for letting your mind to wander where it takes you next. Seeing a prompt of “golden evenings” took me to a frog croaking just before the sun goes down for the day. I’m not sure my friend Angela Fehr had this in mind when she wrote them for us, but that’s somehow where I landed, or hopped, as the case may be. I just find the sound of frogs croaking near a pond, chatting about something only they can understand a rather lovely thing. It’s like a secret language I strain my ears to hear in hopes I might be able to somehow understand one day. Perhaps, this is how everyone who’s not yet become addicted to watercolor feels. Watching as we flood the internet with lovely bits of transparent paint and scratching their heads thinking, what’s all the fuss about? Well then, I’m here to invite you to grab a brush and some watercolors and find out! There’s no better month to give it a try!

Hosting an event of this scale is not without its mishaps. I don’t speak many languages, so communicating everything there is to talk about during the month is tough. But, the one language we’re all speaking together is that of watercolor. Each person, in their totally unique and awesome style is joining the conversation, one by one, and filling our amazing global gallery!  Please don’t stop! Even if you miss a day here and there in the 31 watercolors in 31 days challenge, just post when you can. And tell everyone you know who paints with watercolor to add the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth when they post as well. All of this awareness leads back to the source, and in my sincere dream, the charitable reason this event was founded in the first place. To share our common language of art while helping kids in need around the world who are ready and waiting to express their unique voice. So please, make a donation today, to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, so together, we can make sure that those voices are heard!

As many of you have discovered, reading the full posts on comes with rewards this month. Thanks to our amazing official World Watercolor Month sponsors, we have amazing things to give back to you in thanks for support this amazing charitable event! Today, I have Cheap Joe’s American Journey Top 10 Color Sample Sets for you. The first 10 people to comment with “Cheap Joe’s is the best!” to let me know they want one will receive one! Just be sure to leave your comment directly on so I can count the order properly. I’ve been so thrilled by all the excitement this year, that I haven’t stopped to realize I’m also feeling a bit exhausted, so I’m going to take a brief little break and relax this evening. For just a bit, I’m going to close my computer, and enjoy that last little bit of day before the evening comes, like a frog at sunset.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Gamboge, Permanent Green Pale, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 12 - World Watercolor Month - Frog On Lily Pad Golden Evenings - Doodlewash

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54 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month – Day 12 – A Frog At Sunset

  1. I can’t remember if I won this or not 😬. If not “Cheap Joe’s is the best!” If I have give it to someone else. Thanks for all you do and enjoy your evening!

  2. I live right by a creek so I am serenaded every evening and I love it! I already won a set of these but all in all…“Cheap Joe’s is the best!”…but really that should be “Charlie is the best” !! Just saying…

  3. “Cheap Joe’s is the best!” So nice of them to be providing this encouragement.
    Thank you Charlie for all the support and encouragement that you give. I am fairly new to watercolor painting and I am really enjoying this month’s adventure of daily painting.

  4. Well of course “Cheap Joe’s is the best!”. A great sponsor and a great month of watercoloring. So enjoying all of the lovely paintings from around the world!

  5. Cheap Joe’s is the best! But you frog comes in a close second!
    I was impressed that you learned your first watercolor skills through Craftsy. I hope to take advantage of their special for July. I’ve taken an Angela Fehr course throgh Craftsy and really learned from it. Thanks for the additional review!

    1. Thanks, Kris!! 😃💕And I already have you down to receive one of these! Yay! And yep… it all started with Craftsy classes. Shari Blaukopf’s course was my first and then I took others from there. Thrilled to be an affiliate and thrilled that they’re offering us such a great deal for the second year in a row! For anyone wondering what this is, you can get the 50% Off World Watercolor Month discount by clicking this link:

  6. Why is a frog so cute and a snake so frightening? They both are pretty slick. THIS FROG IS REALLY CUTE!!! I know I am late but just had to say, Cheap Joe’s Is the best.

      1. Thank you so much Charlie….for everything. I have been at the hospital since Tuesday with my husband. I brought my bag with my supplies and have painted my last three pictures here at the hospital. In the process I have been spreading the word about the Dreaming Zebra Foundation. A cardioligist asked me for the address so he could send a donation. He was really impressed with your mission snd I am so very proud to be part if it.

        1. That’s such an incredible thing to hear June! You just made my heart smile! 💕💕😃 Sending you hugs and warm wishes for your husband. I founded with month with a charitable goal, but it’s tough to communicate that part and get the word out. Thank you so much for spreading the word my friend!

      1. losing track – but will keep trying anyway – so exciting! Got my first free gift today – SOOOOOOOOO exciting! Posted all over about it – now must give it a try. Just back from vacation and right to work, so need some down time to play! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

  7. Awww I guess I am too late on this one anyway “Cheap Joe’s is the best” 😉 Love your watercolor frog Charlie I hope you got some relaxing time! I need that too I am painting like crazy every day! <3 😉

    1. You just missed it! I gave away the last one! BUT… I have something cool to give each post this month, so check back, Carolina! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you’re painting like crazy every day!!! Yay!! hehe… such a fun month my friend!!

  8. According to the National Amphibian Association (I think I got the name right — it’s something like that. Society for Reptiles and Amphibians maybe. I’d have to look. But I digress…), it’s the year of the frog.

    Looks like you’re just honoring this banner year for the peepers. 😀

    I love your frog’s eyes. 🙂

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