Day 28 - World Watercolor Month - A Handful Of Lollipops - Doodlewash

World Watercolor Month – Day 28 – A Handful Of Lollipops

There wasn’t a lot of time for me to paint today, so I tried a quick and loose little 15 minute sketch for today’s answer to the “lollipops” prompt. It’s been years since I actually sampled a lollipop, but they were definitely a treat that I loved as a kid. Well, all of them except the green ones. Getting a rogue green lollipop was always a disappoint to me. I preferred the cherry and orange variety the most. Those, were actual flavors that I could recognize. When I knew I would be getting one, while going to the bank with my mother, I silently wished I would get the color I preferred. The green lollipops they handed out just tasted green with no discernible flavor at all. It was weird. I didn’t want one. Once, I refused to accompany my mother to the counter and begged her to choose someone else because the guy she was walking toward always gave green ones. I’m sure this gentleman was very nice, and had no idea the disappoint I’d suffered at his hands. We were enemies and he didn’t even know it. My mother, for her part, simply gave me “that look” which she’d already perfected while putting up with my early shenanigans and had completely mastered by the time I was a teenager.

Later, of course, I would discover that green lollipops were just fine as they offered the same sugar rush as their previously preferred counterparts. But when you’re a kid, there’s a completely different logic at play. Many times, it’s not really logic at all, just an impulse that tells you what you should do next. I think that’s why I loving traveling back in my mind to childhood. That innocent impulse, is a wonderful thing to connect with when it comes to painting with watercolor. There’s so much you can’t control, so you just have to fight for the little things that you demand. At the very least, you always get to choose your colors. Perhaps that’s what was happening those many years ago. Maybe, I wasn’t concerned with the flavor after all. I simply wanted a bit of choice when it came to my color selection. Or, more likely, I was just a pain in the butt and my mother is a complete saint. Either way, it’s always good to know what you really want.

And I know that many of you want some art supplies, so I have some to give to you today! For this post, I have 10 Cheap Joe’s American Journey Sample Sets for the first artists, who haven’t yet received one, to respond below with a comment directly on with the phrase “Cheap Joe’s Is Wonderful!” Please remember to watch for my comment back to you, as I’ll let you know if you’ve gotten a sample and will give you a link to give me your address. I’m still missing addresses from some recipients, so look back at my previous posts if you think you might have won something! And with that, I’m off to enjoy a Friday night with exceptionally wonderful weather. I hope, wherever you are, you’ll be enjoying a fabulous weekend ahead! Full of wonderfully sweet things, like a handful of lollipops!

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M. Graham Watercolors: Azo Orange, Permanent Green Pale, Pyrrol Red, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 28 - World Watercolor Month - A Handful Of Lollipops - Doodlewash

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52 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month – Day 28 – A Handful Of Lollipops

  1. Cheap Joe’s is wonderful (I may already have received one). Anyway, it is a wonderful shop, and your lollipops are delightful. Have a great weekend.

  2. “Cheap Joe’s Is Wonderful!” Not sure if I already won this, as I haven’t received anything in the mail from Cheap Joe’s. I did receive a WN marker. I love your pops! I like only cherry flavored with tootsie roll inside!

  3. The green ones are gross!! I didn’t like the purple ones either though, they never really tasted like grape lol. Have a wonderful evening ☺

  4. i am a sucker for suckers.. lol.. i like anything red.. or purple.. or blue.. everything else was to be given away.. now i like the carmel ones.. from fannie mae, does that count.. lol fun piece and post Charlie!

  5. I never cared for the green ones either. I always preferred red flavors. Did you paint these from your imagination? a photo? actual candy? Have you noticed that I simply can’t resist commenting when you paint food? As usual, your doodlewash makes me feel very happy and inspired to paint.

  6. Cheap Joe’s is wonderful even though I am way past winning anything. Still gotta acknowledge the good guys. Love the composition of your lollypops. They look good enough to eat! True lime flavor is tasty but these green lollies are just leftover syrup with some unidentifiable flavor, not lime at all.

    1. Always worth acknowledging the good guys! hehe And thanks!! Glad you liked this one! 😃💕 Yeah, if they had been lime that would have been awesome! But they were something strange and unidentifiable! hehe

  7. Well I will never know ha,ha Too late to participate and we can get this brand in The Netherlands. So maybe I have to travel to USA or Canada.

  8. I will TOTALLY trade you the green lollies for my orange ones. I think because my mom was a fan of the orange-flavored baby aspirin when I was a kid, orange-flavored stuff gives me the willies.

    Except for Tang, of course. 😀

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