Day 14 - World Watercolor Month - le 14 juillet - baba au rhum

World Watercolor Month – le 14 juillet

Since it’s le 14 juillet today, I’ve jumped off the prompts and my mind leapt to thoughts of France and then shortly after to a pâtisserie, of course. Here we have un baba au rhum, which I love, and only wish I had the real thing sitting in front of me right now. Even though I don’t, I do have a lovely glass of French wine and am sitting outside enjoying a blissfully cooler evening. This month seems to be speeding by and yet we’re not quite halfway through it. I hope you’ve been enjoying this year’s World Watercolor Month as much as I have. Keep on painting and posting your beautiful work to share with world (and adding the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth each time you post to join the global gallery!). It’s a month about watercolor that’s also a month about giving, so what’s not to love about that! If you haven’t yet, please make a donation to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation in honor of the month. This charitable focus is at the heart of why I founded this month, to help our future artists get the art supplies that they need! I can’t imagine a world without art and with your help, we will never have to! Happy World Watercolor Month!

I’m definitely missing France and would love to be there with family right now, but that’s simply not possible at the moment. I’m still thrilled to think about all the wonderful memories that are yet to be made as I think back on all of the ones that have already happened. When I very first started painting in 2015, I spent a month taking a walk through memories of France. It was a fun way to take a virtual visit even if I wasn’t able to go back in person right away. That’s one of the things I love most about painting, or at least, the way I approach it. It’s a wonderful chance to capture life that’s happening in front of you, but also a wonderful means to relive moments from the past. A random travel photo can become so much more when you sit down to reimagine it in a painting. And I think that’s what’s so thrilling to me about this month. Seeing a glimpse into various cultures in the world with each splash of paint is such a beautiful experience. Thank you all for taking us on this amazing journey. It’s incredible to see a glimpse of your memories as well!

There’s something wonderful happening each and every day this month and I do my best to communicate it (and keep up with it!), but it’s rather difficult to reach everyone on social media these days. So, please, continue to help me spread the word! You can always find the latest World Watercolor Month giveaways to enter in the sidebar of this site, so check back to see what’s happening. Today, a brand new giveaway from Official Sponsor Winsor & Newton just launched and you can enter that by clicking here! And for those reading to the end of this post, I have something to give to you today, of course! Once again, I have some Da Vinci 24 Color Dot Samples to give for the first 5 people who haven’t yet gotten one who comment with “Let’s Paint The World!” directly on below to let me know they want one. It’s a beautiful month indeed and I thank you all for making it that way. Keep on painting and posting each and every day throughout July!

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M. Graham Watercolors: Quinacridone Gold, Pyrrol Red, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 14 - World Watercolor Month - le 14 juillet - baba au rhum

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40 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month – le 14 juillet

  1. This baba au rhum looks amazing – rich and delish and ready for my spoon. I’ve never tasted one so I’d really love to.
    You seem to travel the way I do, on the rare occasions I can. I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures and taking photos, even though I’m awful with a camera, that I can use for paintings later. Just doing the tourist thing doesn’t get at the art and soul of places.

    1. Aww and I’m out of samples for today, but have lots more to give! Are you signed up to receive my posts via email so you get them right away? (in the sidebar of my site there’s a place to submit your email to receive them). 😃💕

  2. You truly are helping everyone “paint the world!” So proud of what you have done with this Charlie! Such an inspiration you are! Your dessert is lovely, and I hope you get back to France soon. You are going to need a vacation after this month! xo

  3. “Let’s Paint The World!”
    I am always late. We are in South Africa. So the time difference aint on my side.
    Anyway, thanks for all the great work Charlie.

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