Doodlewash of dinner table setting with red wine and Caprese Salad

MAY ADVENTURE: You’re All Invited To A #DoodlewashDinner

It’s no secret that I love food (and wine!), so for this month’s adventure, I’ll be focusing my doodlewashes and stories on the wonderful world of food and drink. And I’m inviting all of you over for dinner, because seriously, how cool would that be? During the month, if at any time you’d like to come to the party, just “bring over” a lovely doodlewash of something delicious to eat or drink by using the hashtag – #DoodlewashDinner. If you enjoyed last month’s adventure or are looking for some ideas, there’s a food holiday to celebrate each and every day in May and you can find them all here. I’ll probably be celebrating a few of them as we go along because some of them look downright delicious!

Although I love food, I don’t actually cook. I’ve tried on multiple occasions, but the results haven’t been great which is a polite way to say disastrous. Philippe does all the cooking in our house now after I was banished from the kitchen while attempting to make him food way back when we first started dating. And that was just pasta. It occurred to me this was an excellent way to get out of cooking had I been bluffing, but sadly I really did just suck at it. The same is true for gardening although I love flowers. And because I love them so much, I no longer try to grow them.

But even if I can’t make actual food that tastes good, hopefully with a little dedicated practice, I’ll soon be whipping up doodlewashed dishes that can be a feast for the eyes. And I hope you’ll join me with a delicious doodlewash of your own this month! Whether it’s your favorite food from childhood or your favorite bottle of wine, bring it over and join me for a #DoodlewashDinner any time you like. I’ll create a gallery of the yummy treats and feature each of the doodlewashers who play along at the end of the month. So grab a fork and a glass of your favorite thing to drink, and let’s eat!

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Pyrrol Red, Azo Orange, Gamboge, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pens with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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74 thoughts on “MAY ADVENTURE: You’re All Invited To A #DoodlewashDinner

  1. What a beautifully set table, I would love to join that party, Charlie. I’ll have to think of something yummy for my next post to bring. May is my birthday month, so a fancy cake will be happening soon.

  2. Charli, every month I think how will you top the last, and you always come up trumps. What a fab idea, do you have a large dinning table? I reckon evenings could get busy. Thank goodness there will be no arguements over the washing up, lol. Love the doodlewash, one of my favs, Yum yum.😋

  3. Sounds like another fun idea Charlie! I do love to cook and wine is one of my favorite food groups. 🙂 Wine is a food group. Because I said so. 😉 I am pretty sure I can play along every now and then. It looks to me like Philippe has prepared something delectable on your plate this day. Good thing he can cook and you can doodlewashdinner. 🙂

    1. Hehe!! Thanks Susan!! 💕😃Wine is definitely a food group! Lol caprese salad is my fave, but it will taste much better this summer with fresh tomatoes! Hehe And yay! So thrilled you’ll be attending the party! Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring!! 😃

  4. Your dinner looks delicious and healthy just ready to be eaten!!! Yum!!! Now Charlie we will have lots of dinners together with your great idea! SOoo I was born and grow up in Italy 😀 do I need to say anything else about food??? 🙂 well I do… because I love cooking <3 actually I am creative with my food too I love to create my own recipes as one of a kind…LOL
    Lately I am not cooking much because I decided to be eating Raw vegan most of the time and I am really happy with and feeling great! That been said means that I will be doodlewash cooking! 😉 Wow this month would be awesome! <3 😉

      1. Charlie, I could try and do an abstract inspired by food, maybe using the colors? Painting and drawing “things” never seems to work for me. I prefer life of some kind in my subjects. But the colors, I could definitely do and bring to an abstract! Fruit salad would be an awesome one! Thanks for the nudge, as I had thought that once again, I wouldn’t be able to join in with you. 😘🙇😍🎨👏

  5. Woohoo for yummy food and drink doodlewashes! Your first one has made me hungry! And it’s time to go to bed! 🙂 Looking forward to a fun month of May doodlewashes!

    1. Hehe…you should like this one Jodi!! 💕😃You are such an amazing cook! I realize I haven’t actually eaten your food, but your recipes rock and it all looks delicious, so I think I’m right! Would love it if you brought something yummy to the party at some point in May!! 😉 Sleep well!

  6. Love this idea, Charlie! 🎨💕 How kind of you to invite us all to dinner with our own artistic appetitizers! I enjoy cooking with wine and sometimes I even add it the the food! Lol! 😉 Look forward to joining you with a dish or two! Your salad looks Delish!! YAY Charlie! 🍴🍷🧀

  7. Gonna be a fun month! I’m not much of a cook, well okay, I don’t like to cook. I’d love to have someone cook for me then I would have more to create art. Lol

  8. A doodlewash dinner party!! How fun! I love to cook and eat! And I hope I can participate some.. 27 more days until summer break!! Lol. I love your caprese salad!

  9. Great idea, Charlie, I’ll definitely try to join in! Btw, I have a sneaky feeling you’re just taking advantage of Philippe’s culinary skills. Try getting him to teach you instead! Everyone can cook if they set their minds to it…

  10. An awesome idea again and tasty starter! For me its similar: I like food but hate cooking and try to avoid it- yesterday I produced a semolina pudding with lot of lumbs in it….

  11. All that beautiful red against the silver and white – quite elegant. I can’t believe it sat there long enough for you to paint it. Had it been me, would have been just a memory by the time I got out the paints.

  12. Like you, Charlie, I can’t cook. I’m hopeless. I can’t even reheat in the microwave properly, I’m that bad.
    I’ll see if I can bring something to the party – hopefully that won’t be too much of a disaster…

  13. What a fun idea, a virtual party with delicious food. I love that you have a long virtual table, I hope it’s a beautiful wood hewn barn table. We’ll see how my “cooking” goes, but if not, I will bring flowers to decorate that beautiful table.

  14. What a feast this will be. It’s no secret how much I enjoy your culinary prowess – to the point of cravings! Who cares if that’s in doodlewash form or not! 😉 I have been meaning to tackle more food myself, so I’ll probably join in here and there – hopefully more so than last month. I’ll get my thinking chef’s cap on.

    I just wish I hadn’t already drawn Citrus Polos! 😉

  15. Mmm, dinner looks delicious :-). Looking forward to a month of tasty doodlewashes! I think I will contribute a bird enjoying a tasty snack. Because I really like drawing birds :-D. What colours did you use to mix your greys for this particular piece (your utensils look awesome!!!)? Do you have other colour “recipes” for greys that you like to use?

    1. Thanks Myriam!! A snacking bird works for me! Hehe…just hoping you’ll play along! 😉 As for the colors, I sometimes mix Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue to make my grays, but when I’m rushing like this one…I grab Neutral Tint and add a little bit of Ultramarine Blue. I need to be more adventurous and practice more gray mixes!! 😊hehe

  16. I just finished dinner but I will willingly eat that delish looking plate of food you painted! <3 I don't believe you suck at cooking but you might doodlewash food better than you cook. 😉

  17. Your dinner setting looks superb! Banished from the kitchen you say? Oh dear, well I am certain your food portraits will be delicious…bon appétit…err…doodlewashing…pass the wine please. ;D

  18. Wow, that looks so wonderful. I love that dish – both in real life as in your painting.
    I love to cook so can’t really understand when someone can’t cook… But anyway… Would love to come to your party! Or should I say Philippes party? I will bring some red wine and fresh strawberries if I can get them. 🙂

      1. hahaha…you may try pushy host, but it’ll have to be through my photo experiments only as that’s about as close to a doodlewash I’m likey to get any time soon! I’ll have to find something in my library… 🙂

    1. Hehe… Just make a watercolor painting of any food or beverage you like at any time during this month. Then tag your image when you post it with #doodlewashdinner (on WordPress… you can just add “doodlewashdinner” in the “Tags” box of the Categories and Tags section of your post). Then I can be sure to see it and include you in the feature at the end of the month!

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