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It’s time to try something truly social. You know, like those fun clubs you had as a kid! Back when it all began and you could just meet up your friends who enjoyed the same things you did and do fun stuff together. It’s time for a community made exclusively for artists who love watercolor painting & sketching, built by those artists, from the ground up. And it’s something fun we can try and decide what it becomes as a club! Are you ready for the next Doodlewash® adventure?


Simply click the “Log In” link in the main menu to sign in, register a new account, or just the one-click log in with Facebook! If you’ve signed in before and don’t see the social network you logged in with, simply use the same email that you use on that network for your username, and enter your password if you set one, or simply click the “Lost Your Password?” link to reset it! If you want to verify the email associated with your existing account, just send me a note here! 







Join us in our online community of the happiest artists on the planet

Welcome to!

This is a community and social experiment to truly help connect all of the lovely artists that have been part of the Doodlewash community over the past few years. As well as any artist who discovers us for the first time! Together, we can create something new and amazing! A social site that’s beautifully niche and focused on the things that we all have in common!

You can jump in right away by logging in with Facebook or create a new account by clicking here. Next, you can set up your profile, changing your profile pic if you like and uploading a cover image. But the coolest part is that you can jump right in on the main feed and share a post with your art!  Every piece of art shared also appears on the feed in lovely chronological order!

This Groups section is dedicated to creating various art groups! New to watercolor? Check out the Beginner’s To Watercolor Group! 

This club also includes a traditional Forum for members to create new topics and interact! How this develops is entirely up to you! Simply send me a note and let me know any additional forums you’d be interested in appearing here! We’re building this one together, so hop in and shape the future!

A Lovely Gallery Of Art Uploaded By Members

Doodlewash Club Gallery Sample Image

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If you have a question, just contact me here and I’ll do my best to help!

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