Charlie O'Shields - Doodlewash - Watercolor artist and curator of watercolor art around the worldWelcome to Doodlewash®! I’m Charlie O’Shields, and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I started this blog in July 2015 to capture little bits of the world in ink and watercolor. Even though I hadn’t picked up a pen to sketch in over 20 years and I’d only just used watercolor for the first time that day, I got super excited about it, and well, Doodlewash was born. (What’s a doodlewash? Click here!)

My posts are actually my art journal. What you see is the painting I just made along with the random thoughts I just had, all typically created in the precious little hour I’ve carved out for myself on a weekend or weekdays after work and before dinner!

I posted just my own art for about a week or two and quickly got lonely, so I started inviting friends to join me by posting their art and stories here as well, which I dubbed a Guest Doodlewash. Since that time, my friends have grown to include over 300 talented artists from around the world, painting with watercolors on all 7 continents! (And if you’re interested in being a guest artist, just contact me!)

Also, if you’re not already a member of our popular and ever-growing World Watercolor Group on Facebook, then click here to join!  This amazing group was created during the first annual World Watercolor Month in July, our yearly 31 watercolors in 31 days art challenge. But if you love art challenges, and can’t wait for July, no problem, as I do them every month! Just click the Art Challenges link in the main menu to find the latest one!

I’ve discovered that sketching and painting with watercolor is incredibly relaxing and a great way to relief stress. For anyone and everyone! Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or have never dared to doodle before. Trust me… you can do it too. We are all artists when we make something new.

Art is just more fun with others, so meet my friends and family below who have been dubbed the Doodlewash “Crew” simply because Aesha said she’d always wanted to be part of one. These awesome people inspire me with their own beautiful art and loving support and help me stay motivated (Jessica writes all of the art supply reviews here, and you really don’t want to miss those! They’re awesome!).

And we’re inviting you to grab a brush and join us! Let’s all make some doodlewashes together!
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Or, if you’d prefer, you can join me here:

Facebook – /doodlewash
Instagram – doodlewashed
Tumblr –
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Jessica Seacrest - Doodlewash Supply BloggerJessica (@jessicaseacrest) is our Doodlewash Supply Blogger and offers reviews of various types of art supplies and paints. She likes to space out with her art – literally.  Nebulae, celestial objects, and intense skies are often the theme of her paintings. She approaches artistic expression with a light-hearted point of view.  She loves to see other people opening up to, and embracing their creative process.  Watercolor and meditation are two of her favorite things. She works as an accounting manager for a civil engineering firm.  

@Phinomet Doodlewash

Philippe (@Phinomet) is my partner and also the one responsible for my watercolor addiction. He’s been sketching for years and decided to try watercolor for the first time. At first, I didn’t join him, but after I did, I was hooked. Philippe is a native of Paris and moved to the States in 2013. He paints primarily watercolor landscapes, but will pretty much sketch and paint anything that inspires him. He has a PhD in cellular biology and is now a Senior Communications Specialist creating informational science videos and websites.

@missaesha Doodlewash

Aeasha (@missaesha) is our fabulous friend who we coaxed into trying watercolor the day after I started. Now that she’s been doodlewashed, there’s no turning back and she’s determined that we are going to start a doodlewash movement. She is a mother of two and says there’s a “landscape artist buried deep inside her soul.” Aesha is mostly inspired by waterscapes and nature. In her words, “Doodlewashing has helped me develop a different way of looking at scenery during an ordinary drive. I love it!”

Other places you can find Charlie:

Freshly Curious – Photography Blog
Story Curious – Professional Portfolio

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