Monthly Watercolor & Sketching Art Challenges

Watercolor Painting and Sketching

Who’s ready for fun art challenges? Every month, I offer up a brand new watercolor and drawing art challenges where I create a little theme and a set of daily prompts and love it when people paint along with me! I refer to them as “adventures” because painting and sketching every day for a month is fun yet challenging! You can jump in and out at any time, simply be inspired by a theme or attempt to paint each of the daily prompts. It’s entirely up to you! The goal is simply about forming a habit of daily watercolor painting and drawing.

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Latest Art Challenge

October Art Challenge

Art Challenges Everyone Can DO!

Doodlewash art challenges are meant to be personal challenges that you set for yourself, whether it’s creating every day for one week, two weeks or all month long! Join us any time during the month! And though there are always prompts, they are perfectly optional. You should always paint whatever inspires you most.

If you’d like to sketch, draw, or paint daily for your personal art challenge, you might try using a smaller sketchbook. The smaller the art, the faster things will go and it’s a bit easier to make something each and every day. Set aside a bit of time that you know you can make happen each day. Whether it’s just 15 minutes or a full hour. The key is to be consistent and have a lot of FUN in the process. When we’re having fun, we tend to forget about time altogether. Everyone is welcome to join us, and I’m quite confident that everyone can build a daily sketching practice!

Archive Of Prompts From Past Art Challenges

If you’d just like some ideas of what to paint next or would like 30 things to draw, sketch or paint this month (or 28, or 31 depending on the month, of course!), feel free to browse these prompts from our previous art challenges for inspiration!