When it comes to sea creatures, dolphins, our art challenge prompt for today, are definitely at the top of my list. They’re amazing and hold secrets that humans have still yet to decipher. And since we humans are always so fascinated to know if we’re the smartest animal on the planet, studies continue to see just how smart dolphins really are. It turns out they’re really quite smart, thought by some to be second only to humans and ahead of chimps when it comes to brain power. But, like most of our tests, we humans tend to judge everything based on ourselves. Since we’re not dolphins and cannot speak their intricate language of squeaks, pops and chirps, most claim they don’t possess a true language capable of highly cognitive or abstract thought. But it’s equally possible that while we are enjoying those little sounds as something quaint and wonderful, they’re having a deep conversation about physics or mathematics. In truth, we just don’t really know for certain. That, to me, is what makes them so intriguing.

In high school during the 80’s one of my favorite authors was Douglas Adams who wrote humorous science fiction. In his 4th book, in an increasingly poorly named “trilogy” called The Hitcherhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the earth was doomed to be destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass. The dolphins all mysteriously knew this already and left the earth just before it was about to happen. They did try their hardest to warn humans, but these attempts were only seen as little amusements. The last dolphin to leave performed a double backward somersault while jumping through a hoop and whistling The Star-Spangled Banner. This final communication was once again sadly misinterpreted and the actual message was simply, “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”  I’ve had a profound respect for dolphins ever since.

Though many people are fascinated by the idea of higher intelligence on other planets, we humans, definitely prefer to be the smartest here on our own little planet. But I think the idea that we aren’t is a humbling and fascinating thought. When it comes to intelligence, it can come in many forms, even in humans. Creative and artistic intelligence is one form that is often largely misunderstood or deemed lesser than other versions, many of which require math. I was actually rather good at math, but never once had a real interest in it. But, I do think we share the planet with extremely smart and talent species that might actually be trying to tell us something. Probably just another simple message to take care of this earth and leave it as we found it. Another bit of communication, we’ve wildly misinterpreted. So I wouldn’t mind if one day we found out that we weren’t the smartest species on this planet. Until then, I can do my best to make wise choices, stiving to be smart like a dolphin.

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23 thoughts on “Smart Like A Dolphin

  1. Fantastic Dolphin! Wish I’d had the chance to do a painting for this prompt. I may have to do one later. I think one of the problems with deciding whether animals are intelligent is that we really have never defined what intelligence is. I’ve read a lot about Koko the gorilla, who was taught sign language, and the objections that many scientists made, if applied to humans, would indicate that only people over three years old were actually intelligent. Who knows, maybe they’re right, but I rather suspect we just aren’t all that intelligent ourselves.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 You should totally still DO a dolphin! I’d love to see it. And yeah, I don’t think we are intelligent enough to fully define intelligence yet. hehe… there are definitely other forms we’ve not figured out.

  2. Hear hear Sandra! I dont know of any other animal who is stupid enough to kill off the natural resources that keep them alive. But there we go, we won’t learn. Nice picture Charlie. Wasn’t there a TV show about Flipper the seal? A bit like Lassie the dolphin was smart but only a child could interpret it’s meaning. Maybe the lesson is, keep life simple like a child’s and all will be well.

    1. So true, Rod! If we were so smart, then why would we do what we do to our own home. 😉 And yes, Flipper was a wonderful show! And that’s definitely the best lesson we could take away from all of it! 😃💕

  3. I agree with everything you said about dolphins and their intelligence. They are also charming, social, and lovely to look at as they glide through the ocean. Dolphins in the wild (where they should be allowed to stay) always make me smile! You painting captures a bit of their wonderfulness!

  4. Everytime i read your posts i realise how much we’re on the same “longeur d’onde”. (Ask your hubby to translate that for you) Hitchhikers guide… was one of my favourite books growing up and i just read it again when i passed it onto my son, I find it much funnier now! I believe we might be the smartest beings on earth but we don’t use our intelligence wisely as we’re too self centered. Love your painted dolphin, he looks really smart!

  5. Beautiful dolphin, Charlie! I bet I can hear it giggling in its unique dolphin way. 😉 I adore Douglas Adams!! Immediately thought of him when you mentioned the intelligence of dolphins and then you mentioned him too, so this is a perfect post for me. 😉 <3

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