For our prompt of “Snails” today, I just have a little one, looking up to the sky. It’s been a rather busy week and well, the world is a bit crazy right now to be sure. Philippe and I have begun working from home this week and that brings a completely new aspect to things. Where we once spent the day apart, we’re now learning how to be apart during the day while living in the same house. This is an interesting thing to accomplish indeed, but we’ve figured it out and so far it’s working well. As odd as the world has become today during this exceptional moment in time, I’ve found that if I just focus on the simple things in life as usual, everything seems just fine. And more than ever, my sketching habit has become the perfect place to find a bit of relaxation. It’s wonderful to take time just a bit of time and make something appear on paper. While it seems like such a simple thing, it’s something that I totally cherish and look forward to each and every day!

Philippe and I have been playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch as well these days. It’s a wonderfully happy and simple game that just makes us both smile. You get to build an island, and fish and catch butterflies with a net. There’s much more to it than that, but those bits are enough to make it a perfect distraction during this time and provide a ton of happy moments. Best of all, we can visit each other’s islands as well. A strange thing indeed when you’re sitting right next to one another in reality. But this is more about escaping reality which is a fantastic thing indeed today! And truly, the chance to build a world from scratch is an interesting exercise. Given a chance, there are so many different choices that can be made. And though we can’t change the course of this current world overnight, I’m quite sure that we’ll figure out a way to work through even what’s happening today.

As much as I’m still keep my optimism, I have to admit that the current state of the world provides a constant state of distraction. I’m having more trouble than ever focusing, and often find myself just wanting to keep escaping it all. Though I think I’m doing fine, there are moments when I know that the weight of everything that’s happening is starting to wear on my nerves. But, rather than get too caught up in all of that, I just DO what I always do. I focus on the happy things in life. The things that make me smile and the bits of the world that haven’t changed at all. It’s in these simple comforts that I find my solace and can keep moving through things. It’s not easy. There’s no denying that life has been upended and that things are not at all what one would deem normal. Yet, even with all of this going on around me, I’m still managing to keep moving my life along. Sometimes, just moving forward one small step at a time is the very best way of finding hope.

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Snail Looking Up Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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28 thoughts on “Finding Hope

  1. It is difficult to keep from giving into the panic and worry about what will happen even if we avoid the worst of the illness. But despite all that is going on, I think we can take positive things away from this and create an even better world.

  2. I love your snail Charlie! Stay positive as best you can. I am busying myself with art related learning and painting so when we come out of our sheltering at home I’ll be ready to start promoting my art again. 😊 Trying hard to stay away from the national news and limit the local news to just enough to know what I need to know.

  3. Such a beautiful snail shell! And thanks for sharing your days and reflections. I think it is SO important that we all realize we are not alone, we have similar feelings and fears, and “ Sometimes, just moving forward one small step at a time is the very best way of finding hope.” I am
    going to put that Charlie-ism in my work table for a bit! I love it 😀👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks for sharing it! And your lovely snail 🐌

  4. I love snails. We don’t have many here because our soil is very sandy. We are fairly close to the Sugar River, but not that close, so once upon a time, this must have been land covered by a much wider river.

    Joe went to the store today because if you cook every day, you need ingredients. He brought me back a bag of fun sized Butterfingers. They are fun!

  5. What a sweet, beautiful little snail, Charlie. I love that he’s “looking up,” as you, Phillippe, well, all of us in this unusual, large slice of time are doing too. My neighbors said that if they spend any more quality time together, they’re going to get divorced before their 2nd anniversary. Really? Wow. These are days to be aware, loving, cherished, work out bugs in life, relationships, watercolor, friendships. We longed for days off, weeks, to do the things we felt we were missing. Now a mere couple of weeks, we’re praying for time apart. What a marvelous time in our lives, in this time, that we CAN work on ourselves, improve everything around us, make our worlds, this world, better than we left it a little over a month ago.

    Anyway, I loved your positive little snail and he was truly beautiful, excellent painting, so well-done. And only 3 colors, which astounds me. Something I’m learning in this, my 3rd year of painting.

    Many thanks, Charlie, for your daily positive blogs, always keeping us informed, connected. Blessings to you and Phillippe. 🙂

    Fanna Turano

    1. Thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 So happy you enjoyed this!! And that’s a funny story on the neighbors you mentioned. I guess the first issue is creating a category for “quality” time! hehe… seems to me if you want to stay together forever, then you should choose someone you actually love being around! lol Here’s to always staying positive and happy! We’ll all get through this!!

  6. Merci pour ce beau message d’espoir, j’en viens à tellement apprécier vos textes, ils me font du bien – qu’ils passent, maintenant, avant vos excellents dessins – écrivez un livre !!

    1. Aww! I’m so happy to know that, Cathy! 😃💕These are exceptional times indeed! Glad my words can give you hope! I did actually compile some of my favorite stories into a book here, sort of illustrated memoir called – Sketching Stuff: Stories Sketched From Life – it’s on!

  7. Very optimistic and beautiful snail, Charlie! It’s only natural to feel some anxiety over the current situation…..even for the most optimistic.Stay safe, stay busy, keep news watching to a minimum and know that you are loved. And, thank heaven for creative distractions!

  8. I love everything about this snail. Maybe it’s the little hint of blush that gives him life. Yes, the staying home business is going to get on everyone’s nerves. Lucky for me, both my boys are still able to work for now. We have a small house, so it could get interesting. We can do this! We have no choice. 😉

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